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Helping our clients to work towards attaining various sustainability awards

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Compliance and Awards

Stage 3 Sustainability Awards

FUJIFILM Business Innovation (Hong Kong) has received over 100 environmental sustainability certifications and awards over the past few years. We are passionate about sharing our successful experiences on sustainable business operations with the wider business community, and by providing green technology and solutions to our customers. We do not only help them fulfill their ESG regulatory requirements, but also help them work towards attaining various awards which will improve their corporate image, enhance staff engagement, reduce carbon footprint and achieve eco-friendly office.

Our services offer customized survey assessments which measure a company’s cultural and environmental factors which either support organizational policies and values or which create ethical and compliance risks. FUJIFILM Business Innovation (Hong Kong) works closely with your company to understand and clarify your objectives in order to design and implement a concrete improvement plan which will help your company meet its sustainability goals.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation (Hong Kong)’s Sustainability Management Services also improve your company’s public relations and stakeholder dialogue by developing and positioning a green strategy.  We help your company reach out to the relevant stakeholders across different media channels by concentrating on their specific focus areas.

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