Sustainability Policy and Implementation

A wide range of green office solutions is provided by leveraging our state-of-the-art technologies and professional teams

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Stage 2 Sustainability Policy and Implementation

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong supports our customers as they work to improve their productivity and efficiency by leveraging our state-of-the-art technologies and professional teams. We provide a wide range of green office solutions for sustainable business operations, to help our customers manage and improve their environmental sustainability and ESG performance, including:

  • iESG
  • Energy Tracking Solutions
  • Next Generation Managed Print Services
  • Green Server Room Cooling Solutions

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iESG is an innovative environmental and social data management tool which streamlines the ESG reporting process. iESG provides a simple, user-friendly, secure and affordable approach to managing your company’s sustainability performance with enhanced ESG data governance from a single cloud-based platform.  iESG is based on the HKEX ESG requirements and can be customized to meet your company’s diverse sustainability reporting requirements. 

Energy Tracking Solutions

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong’s energy tracking solutions are delivered by a proven, real-time energy monitoring system which has been specially designed to help organizations reduce operating costs and improve energy efficiency. 

Real-time energy meters are installed at the main switchboards of each floor or building. A range of different circuits may be measured depending on an organization’s needs, such as lighting sockets or air conditioning. The meters are then connected to either a local network or an independent 4G network. The installation process is simple and swift.

The proprietary energy tracking analytical software continually monitors, reports and improves an organization’s energy efficiency. Real-time analysis and performance reporting helps rapidly identify inefficient energy usage, with customized reports easily generated from the analyzed data. Real-time visibility also increases energy accountability and awareness among all stakeholders within an organization, reducing energy wastage and improving productivity.

Key Benefits

  • Optimization of energy efficiency
  • Reduction of energy costs
  • Real-time alerts
  • Customized reports
  • Motivation of stakeholders
  • Performance sharing among all stakeholders
  • Cloud-based support enables the viewing of energy data anytime, anywhere

Paper Tracking Solutions

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong’s ApeosWare My Document Portal (AMDP) print management solution brings sustainability, flexibility and security to the next level. Its user-friendly, web-based, full color interface facilitates green print management.

Administrators have customizable user access control, from group level to individual users. It also provides the ability to combine and consolidate all address books for efficient and effective centralized administration and management. This single document portal helps reduce your ecological footprint and save time. 

Functions and Features

  • Green dashboard for interpreting and analyzing results in meeting paper and power consumption targets across organization levels
  • Centralized printer management for controlling all network devices (FUJIFILM Business Innovation and third-party models) via a single web portal
  • Generates management reports with key indicators including number of sheets printed, FUJIFILM Business Innovation multi-function printer electricity consumption, and user behavior for duplex and color printing
  • Minimizes wastage via optimized output device usage and centralized governance

Next Generation Managed Print Services

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong’s Next Generation Managed Print Services aim to help companies reduce carbon footprint while using their information more effectively.  The services not only allowing them to print for less, but also allowing them to print less. 

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong’s Lean Six Sigma professionals will define current carbon emission KPI and agree reduced carbon future targets and measures to reduce carbon emission through Next Generation Managed Print Services.

To achieve these results, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong has developed continual improvements which extend beyond optimizing output devices based on Managed Print Services.

Our Next Generation Managed Print Services utilize a three-stage approach which creates continuous value and provides services according to the situation of a particular office.

Functions and Features

  • Uses best-in-class tools and processes to assess our customers’ print infrastructure and provide an optimized print environment
  • Ensures integration with customers’ IT infrastructure in a secure and compliant way
  • Improves productivity by developing smart workflows to automate paper-based processes
  • Uncovers the hidden costs of equipment, filing and processes

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Green Server Room Cooling Solutions

Cooling infrastructure is an integral part of all server architecture. The complex connections between chillers, compressors and air handlers create the optimal computing environment, ensure the longevity of servers and reinforce the vitality of the organization that the servers support.

The electricity consumption of server room cooling infrastructure can significantly contribute to a company’s carbon emissions. FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong’s Green Server Room Cooling Solutions, featuring water cooling technology, provide tangible economic and environmental benefits. The water cooling system uses water as a cooling agent for lowering temperature to enhance the energy efficiency. The use of water cooling technology can subsequently reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning.

Functions and Features

  • Water cooling system significantly enhances energy efficiency as compared to traditional air cooling systems
  • Can be easily deployed in existing server racks through the replacement of the rear door
  • Reduces noise, creating a quieter working environment
  • Can be relocated easily, and is reusable on either old or new racks
  • Frees up more space in the server room