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Getting more done doesn't always have to mean more work and effort. Sometimes it pays to work smarter. The Versant® 3100i Press and Versant® 180i Press are designed to boost productivity with smart and efficient features that help maximise your print capabilities without any additional work.

Better with automation, undeniably smarter

Automating workflows is an effective way to cut the complexity of your print processing and find some extra efficiency. Automation technology means previous repetitive manual tasks can be handled by your printing press, rather than your team.

The Versant® 3100i Press and Versant® 180i Press come with automated workflow features that enhance their performance, to give you the productivity boost you need. With the GX Printer Server and FreeFlow Core you get a touchless workflow, so whether it’s feeding in and calibrating for different media types, or managing multiple scanning jobs, it can all be handled by the machine. It also automates image adjustment processes to ensure every document is perfectly aligned, for the ideal print.

For corporate users, the risk of staff mistakes in pre-press is reduced and turnaround times can be cut significantly thanks to a fast and simple document workflow, with no calibration or adjustment required to move onto the next job. All this means your team are free to focus on other tasks and your business can keep moving at pace.

For print service providers, automation means more time to focus on running and growing your business, without having to constantly manage and monitor jobs as they process. And what could be smarter than that?

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These innovations enable businesses to get dependable results and the support to maximise their productivity, so they get the most out of their time and budgets. If you want to make things happen with the new building blocks of opportunity and see what they could do for you, get in touch today.

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