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Our workplace is continually evolving. Increasingly, it is challenging to store, track, edit and collaborate on content creation, and related projects. Some of these contributing factors include:

workflow icon  Diverse Workforce
Your employee base today is increasingly global and virtual. There are also different expectations for technology usage. 
 hybrid workplace icon Hybrid Workplace
Companies need to digitise their processes but they still need to transition seamlessly between physical and digital content. 
 content chaos icon Content Chaos
With a vast amount of data and content at the workplace, getting access to the right, relevant content, at the right time impacts customer experience.
 encryption icon  Content Security
Customers expect their interactions with you to be stored securely and accurate records to be maintained, regardless of personnel changes.


  • Unrestricted document types and sizes.
  • Mobile access to documents.
  • Consistent user experience across web browsers (PCs) and tablet devices.
  • Full featured OCR and document lifecycle management add-ons.
  • Intelligent routing processes and customisable automated workflows.
  • Control who has access to your data stores - with full granular document and collection permissions.
  • Enterprise security for data at rest and in transmission with full document management and Active Directory Authentication.
  • Detailed enterprise audit level reporting on all users and site usage.
  • SSO and LDAP integration.
  • ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI-DSS and SOX guidelines.

Simple as 1-2-3

simple 1 

Anytime, Anywhere Content Access
Access content from your desktop, tablet or phone via a responsive web user interface.

Multi-channels to capture content into DocuShare.

 simple 2 User-Friendly and Customisable
Drag and drop content for faster upload and distribution, and customise branding for a bespoke touch.
 simple 3

Private and Secured
Content is secured with audit trail, permission/access rights, encryption* and lifecycle management.

*Availability is subject to local law authorisation.

Experience It


FUJIFILM Business Innovation DocuShare 7.0 is a feature-rich Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution that offers your business the flexibility you need and expect today.

  • Tailor DocuShare to fit your requirements or to address specific business processes.
  • As your needs change, scale up with additional seats and deploy advanced features to build a sophisticated solution.
  • Integrate DocuShare with other business processes with the help of Professional Services.
  • Use DocuShare out-of-the-box for your department or smaller businesses.



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