As the digital landscape evolves, staying ahead of data leaks and security breaches can be intimidating without the right partner and technology.


Document Security

Ensuring the utmost security for documents - from creation to archiving or disposal - FUJIFILM Business Innovation document solutions provide end-to-end document security inside and outside the business network


Device Security

As more of our office devices are connected to the internet, it is vital to protect them from an increasing number of internal and external threats. FUJIFILM Business Innovation devices are built with robust technology that safeguards your information and prevents data leaks

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Operations such as copying, printing, scanning and faxing can be logged with details about users, document types and which devices were employed.

Improves data security
Traces Information Leakage 
Streamlines office operations

Allows you to restrict document copying and editing through embedding hidden information on confidential files 

Prevents data leak on confidential information 
Secure your employee and customer data

This solution consistently protects data across devices and communication channels through its digital rights management function

Protects your confidential data
Secures your documents both in and out of the office network

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