Managed Account Payable Services

Imaging and Document Print Management


FUJIFILM Business Innovation Managed Account Payable Services help you to manage account payable processes more cost effectively. Using business process transformation, we digitize and streamline the flow of "unstructured" documents like invoices , delivery note from incoming channels like postal mail, e-mail and fax, integrate them to your existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. By providing your finance people with easy, web-based access to the information they need, we help you accelerate processes, improve accuracy, increase visibility and manageability.


The drive for increased efficiency, faster workflows and reduced costs has led to the widespread intention to automate Account Payable function through investment in technology. However, such automation is costly, hard to justify and difficult to implement successfully which force most enterprise to still rely on manual, paper intensive processes. It may cause error, delayed payment, dispute, and lost early payment discounts. Most importantly posting tremendous difficulty to have accurate finance projection and planning


  • Assessments based on standardized metrics and solutions for digitizing and automating accounts payable processes.
  • Workflow optimization to digitize documents and integrate them into your Enterprise Resource Planning systems.
  • Document outsourcing including imaging, indexing, archiving documents through our Outsourcing Center.
  • Information access of accurate, up to date information to easier resolution of disputes and exception handling.
  • Consistent service levels and simplification of key performance indicators that support financial compliance requirements.


  • Improve your organization internal controls, ensure compliance, and reduce risk with an auditable record of financial documents.
  • Reduced cost of operations by automating and outsourcing these processes to yield significant savings and productivity improvements.
  • Improved customer service through more efficient processes, delivering a significant improvement in supplier relationships.
  • Leveraging existing investments and increase value by integrating the unstructured supporting documents within your financial processes into the Enterprise Resource Planning system you've already invested in.
  • Improved cash management by taking maximum advantage of early payment discounts and save by reducing late payment penalties.
  • Service level agreement driven and visibility. 


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