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With many companies adjusting to the New Normal, hybrid working models are now redesigning the office environment to be more flexible for both remote and on-site workers. To stay on top your game, the need for a clear and efficient digital workflow is now more important than ever.

That’s why DocuWorks is offering a Digital Approval Process with an e-Signature solution to help you transform and adapt to the current business climate. Easily configure a custom workflow that suits you, so you can route information faster and improve decision-making, enabling you to serve your customers better.


of apps actually connect or integrate well within an organisation

Data capture technology and Intelligent OCR scanning easily converts your papers into digital files.

Documents such as pricing approval, expense claims or purchase requisition, are routed based on pre-configured workflows to facilitate internal reviews or approval processes.

Team Members can immediately work on the requests and Approvers can apply e-Signatures in real-time, for quicker approvals and turnarounds.

Completed and executed documents are safely auto-archived in your cloud repository.

Why is Our Digital Approval Process Best for You?

Increase Productivity

Ensure continuous approval processes even if a signee or authoriser is out of the office.

Improve Efficiency

Boost productivity by reducing the time needed to process and organise papers.

Increase Searchability

Cut down on time wasted looking for files, by enabling your team to access files with a quick search.

Reduce Storage Space

Save on physical storage by storing files on the Cloud, effectively freeing up room for business productivity.

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