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Solution 5:

Between actual production and logistics management, running a manufacturing company requires good communication and collaboration between departments and teams at all times. We know there’s a lot that goes on simultaneously—and that includes the growing paperwork—so we understand how difficult it can be for managers to properly handle documents at every step of the process.

That’s why DocuWorks offers a reliable digital Document Management Solution that streamlines your processes into an integrated system, beginning with a central database. Our smart platform allows you to oversee the creation, distribution, and storage of all the files needed, so you have complete visibility and control over your workflow from designing to planning and quality-checking your manufactured products.


of productivity is lost due to challenges in document management

What are the Solution benefits?

Paper Reduction

By converting files to digital documents & drawings, paper usage and costs will be significantly lowered.

Secure, Compliant, & Auditable

Critical manufacturing information is safely stored in your database to be compliant with your access protocols, so you can always track activity history.

Optimised Work Processes

Digitising operations means being able to standardise job flows, so your team can work more efficiently.

Reduced Risk of Loss

Digital files are securely saved in servers and the Cloud—and are regularly backed-up as well—to prevent losing vital Information.

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