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In business, there’s always pressure to keep costs down and budgets under control. And when times get tough, you need to get even tougher.

Whilst things like losing supplies to print jams, and the minutes spent sorting the problem or adjusting a machine between jobs may seem small, they can add up to make a big difference over time.

Reduce waste when it matters most

Picture this: you’re racing to get a job done; the deadline is looming and then… disaster strikes, your print job is stuck in a jam.

With our revolutionary Air Suction Feeder, these tricky situations can be a thing of the past. Thanks to the smart efficiency and job handling of our latest innovations, the Versant® 3100i Press, Versant® 180i Press and the new Versant® 170i Press can efficiently handle a wide variety of media at high volumes, whilst minimising the risk of a jam.

In testing, the Air Suction Feeder achieved a jam rate of just 0.01%, 6x lower than alternative systems1. Meaning you can be confident your printing production is as efficient and error-free as possible. The results for misfeeds are reassuring too. The compared feeding system performed 16% more misfeeds than our machines in testing1.

Every paper jam comes with the cost of wasted supplies. And when you think of the time spent sorting things out each time, you’ll realise you save yourself more than a few mishaps and headaches.

Work smarter and free up your time

As the timeless saying goes, time is money. With the smart auto adjustments and media management of the Versant® 3100i Press, Versant® 180i Press and
Versant® 170i Press, you’ll soon see the minutes saved turning into more free time for you to work on your business.

Here are some examples of automated adjustment timing you can look forward to. It’s easy to see how the time saved can stack up with every job processed. Say goodbye to time wasted for manual adjustment issues.

With the job started, you can expect faster print times too.

The new Versant® 3100i Press, Versant® 180i Press and Versant® 170i Press come with our Heat Roll technology. Designed to significantly reduce the warm-up time needed, it has been shown to reduce printing time by 60-67%2.

More time and money to focus your future

With more time and money saved, you’ll keep money in your budget and be free to focus on running your business and building new opportunities for growth. If you want to chat more about just how much we could help you save, get in touch with our team today.

  1. Based on internal R&D testing
  2. Based on internal R&D testing

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