Smart Remote Services is an umbrella term that covers all tools and services related to your Fujifilm device and its automated communication to our systems.

The two most commonly known Smart Remote Service functions are automated meter readings and automated consumable ordering, but it also extends out to cover predictive service call logging.

  • When a consumable on your Fujifilm device gets to a level of 15% remaining, the UI (‘User Interface’ or screen) will display a message of “Toner Low, Replace Soon”. As soon as this message displays, your device will send a notification to our system letting us know you need more consumables.
  • From here, our system automatically generates an email to send to your internal Consumable Contact listed for that device. This email serves to acknowledge our receipt of the request, that a future order will be arranged, but most importantly, if you don't already have a spare item on-site it's an opportunity to order one in. Auto-Ordering works on the basis of replenishing spares; it is not intended to be a just-in-time delivery only replacing what is currently in the device.
  • When our system is alerted to the requirement of an item, it gets placed into a holding queue. Our system will then proceed to check your devices AMPV (Average Monthly Print Volume) for the previous 3 months. From here, the system determines the date the remaining 15% will be used up by, and assigns the consumable a shipping window of 28 days based on that AMPV calculation. The reason for the 28 day shipping window is to allow for consolidation of any other consumables that the device or any other device at your location may request.
  • When the shipping date arrives the items are automatically delivered to the address of the Consumable Contact rather than the machine itself.


The items defined below are all free tools for FUJIFILM Business Innovation customers.

Fujifilm Business Innovation


EP-BB, or Electronic Partnership Broadband, is built into the firmware of your Multifunction Device (MFD). EP-BB is a communication process between your device and our FUJIFILM Business Innovation servers, sharing Meter Readings and Consumable Alerts for a hassle-free device management process.

MPS Monitor is an integrated software tool which automates Meter Readings and Consumable Ordering for smaller printers that do not have SNMP capabilities. A special connector is loaded onto your network, which pulls the required data from your FUJIFILM Business Innovation device and sends it through to our servers.

Secured Device Tool, or SDT, is a FUJIFILM Business Innovation software for EP-BB compatible devices. The software serves as a proxy and is designed for businesses with high security network setups.

SDT's primary use is when a business has multiple EP-BB capable devices. Rather than each device sending an individual stream of communication to our servers, SDT can be loaded onto your network to have all the devices send data to one location, and then forwards it on to us in a single stream of communication. 

Remote Device Health Check, or RDHC, is a FUJIFILM Business Innovation backend process for EP-BB compatible devices, which generates automated service calls if something faults on the device.

When EP-BB is enabled on a device, the data that is sent to our Fujifilm servers also contains error alerts and other key information about the health of your device. From these alerts and status updates, our backend systems can identify and determine possible future issues or requirements. If necessary this will automatically create a service call to have the issues resolved.

When an RDHC generated service call reaches us, our technical team will determine if the issue can be solved remotely. If so, they will liaise with your designated service contact to assist with resolving the issue. If the issue is not able to be solved remotely, our team willsend an engineer to solve the problem.

RDHC is only enabled on your device if it is requested prior to install; this is to ensure that the service contact data is set up correctly for each device.

Device Compatibility Checker

Smart Remote Services Compatibility Breakdown

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RDHC Request Form

If you would like Remote Device Health Check enabled on your device, please check compatibility above and then get in touch with our Technical Team.


  • For individual devices complete the form below.
  • For multiple devices download our request form and send it through to our Technical Team.

Request Form


EP-BB and RDHC do not require any additional software to be loaded on your network. 

MPS Monitor & SDT will require a piece of software to be loaded on your server/network.

EP-BB and MPS Monitor will require network access and an internet connection. You will need to inform your FUJIFILM Business Innovation Sales Representative when the network information of your devices has changed or if your device has been moved. For example, you may have moved offices, or reconfigured your network settings.

We will also need to be notified if the consumable contact person for a device changes, so that we ensure consumables are shipped to the correct location.

Need to get in touch? Send us an email here.

Yes, EP is designed to replenish your spare consumable stock after these have been placed in to the machine. The new consumable will be sent to the consumable contact for the device. For high volume customers a spare set of consumables is recommended. If you have multiple machines of the same model, FUJIFILM Business Innovation will advise the required number of replacement consumables.
EP-BB and MPS Monitor will notify you immediately via email after detecting a low or empty consumable. There should be no need to ring and order your consumables, however if you feel you will require the consumable earlier than the scheduled date, a link is provided in the email to allow for an immediate release of order.
EP-BB and MPS Monitor cover toner, drums and waste toner bottles. Staples cartridges are not included under EP-BB and MPS Monitor and will require you to place an order manually.
You will receive an email notification when EP-BB or MPS Monitor places a consumable order for your device. The email contains a link that takes you directly to the 'Pending Orders' section of your MyAccount profile. If you can't access the email notification, you can log into your MyAccount profile directly by visiting https://myaccount-fbnz.fujifilm.com/login.

Each MFD contains a “Location” field, to which you can add any information you like (Printer Number, Floor Location etc). This text will be displayed in email notifications and consumable delivery dockets.

If the device was initially setup with you (and your email) as the consumable contact, the first suggestion is to check your Spam folder.

If the email is still not found and you'd like to check if there's a consumable on its way to you, please contact FUJIFILM Business Innovation by email or phoning 0800 493 769.

No. If EP-BB or MPS Monitor have been set up on your device and it is connected to the internet, meter readings will automatically be sent to us at FUJIFILM Business Innovation. You will receive a monthly bill for these readings.