Iridesse the new star at Waimea Print
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South Island print shop updates to Fuji Xerox’s flagship Iridesse
Based in Richmond, near Nelson, Waimea Print produces a diverse range of printed products. 

Owners Sean Harnetty and Julie McCarthy purchased the business six years ago and have recently installed a Fuji Xerox Iridesse digital production press.

Harnetty, who started some thirty years ago as an apprentice typographer, says, “Waimea Print has been a Fuji Xerox customer for a long time. The first digital press here was a 6 colour or 20 black and white A4 prints per minute in the mid-90s. That revolutionised our business. We used to spend a day on the offset doing business cards but that changed to hours with the digital. 

“Before we bought the Iridesse, we had the Color 1000 and before that, we had the DC8000 and prior to that a DC2045. It has been a natural progression for us to update and upgrade to the latest machinery. We have several other Fuji Xerox machines as well. Fuji Xerox is ingrained with us and the Iridesse is a great piece of kit.”
“Digital print production has continued to improve, and we are excited for what we can achieve with the Iridesse. It is the right digital press for us at this point in time. 

Waimea Print had an opportunity to research the market before making the decision to buy the Iridesse. He says, “We travelled to Auckland and saw the Iridesse in the Fuji Xerox Print Technology Centre at Landing Facility. 

“We also visited a commercial printer in Auckland who has an Iridesse. He was very open and honest about discussing it. He talked it up. He was excited about the Iridesse and we can see why. It feels great having that sort of excitement when you come to work. 

“The Iridesse allows us to offer new capabilities but having only had it for a month, we have not yet got near its full capabilities. We are busy so we don’t have as much time to play as we would like, but we will definitely make use of its extra facilities, and as for the quality, well it is second to none.

“For us, the metallics stand out. They will help us offer our customers something new; something different. This means we can now do these jobs on digital rather than offset, which is far more cost effective, and gives us a much larger range of metallic colours to offer.”  

– Sean Harnetty, Co-owner at Waimea Print Express

“Our staff members have really embraced the change up to the Iridesse. Actually, they embrace all the change that happens. We have a team of eight qualified tradespeople, so it is not such a big step for them to learn new equipment and they all have a thorough knowledge of digital print. You need a great team to produce great print.” 

Success in the print business requires a knowledge of the market and demographics. He says, “Richmond is a very fast-growing suburb and housing is fuelling the growth. This leads to a requirement for printed products locally, but we also have customers nationwide. 

“We service a wide range of customers, from retail traffic in off the street, to large corporates. In the Nelson-Tasman region, we see a fair amount of cottage industries, so we can produce bespoke work for honey makers, beer brewing, wineries, chocolate manufacturers; you name it, and that is just the food side of things. Forestry, Fishing and Farming also provide a lot of business. 

“We have learned to look after every single customer. For example, our biggest customer originally began by coming in off the street and ordering one hundred business cards. He returned because of the different services we are able to offer. 

“Print is a great industry to work in. There is always something new and exciting happening. The industry has proved itself able to adapt to all kinds of challenges especially working with new and different technologies. 

He concludes, “On the whole, I believe the print industry is in a good space.”

Waimea Print Express Case Study

Waimea Print Express Case Study

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