The Power of One


The Power of One

The great sports teams and individuals from throughout history didn’t just have outstanding talent. They also consistently did – or still do – the small things better than their opponents. That is why they are great and not just good.

They are better at doing the 1%ers, as we call them in TRA. And they strive to improve time and time again, often by focussing in on and improving individual skills or tactics as their starting point. I could go on with examples from every sport – and you can probably tell it is something I do regularly with clients – but I think you can get the picture by thinking about your own favourite great team or player.

I like to use this concept as a reference with many of my advisory clients across Asia Pacific. Not just because most people can relate to my admiration for elite sports teams and people, but also because all executives I engage with want their own organisation to be great. Mostly today this means they want to be a digital leader.

In many instances however, they aren’t sure how to achieve this status or get to their goals. Even if they have a vision for what “great” or digital leader means to them, the journey to success seems daunting, or for those that have already started on their way, they are floundering.

In my view, digitising the organisation’s workflows or processes is one of the first things that needs to happen or to be revisited. In TRA’s experience working with clients across many industries, organisation sizes and countries we see a common opportunity in this area. An opportunity to improve productivity, agility, scalability and experiences. All things that define digital leaders.

So how can you do this? By starting small. By prioritising. By going agile and building on one thing at a time and continuously improving while you keep your momentum going towards the final goal.

In other words, after you have assessed and mapped your environment and established your vision, start with digitising just one workflow. Choose one that offers quick and tangible rewards.

Of course, this is easy to say and harder to do. But there are considerable benefits and lessons to be had by fully digitising just one workflow from end to end as your starting point. And it will be an experience that shows you (and your 3rd party partners if you use one) the way forward and will provide confidence and capabilities.

Look for examples of the power of one; the power of digitising one process as a starting point.

We encourage you to consider this approach. Break up your digitisation program to identify and pursue your objectives one by one like this. Don’t just go after your big-ticket workflows, also go after the 1%ers. It makes the entire program more achievable, and keeps you motivated and on track.

We have outlined a number of other steps that every organisation can take in their digitisation program. You can read it here

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The above article was written by TRA Director, Trevor Clarke

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