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The Newline RSC utilises high-end touch and video conferencing technology to create an intuitive, collaborative learning space.

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Newline RSC Series

Designed for classrooms, the RSC series integrates essential teaching tools and wireless casting capabilities to encourage students to participate, interact with each other and learn proactively.

Freely illustrate and annotate on the fly with Newline's Edit and Annotate tool, allowing the user to easily highlight key points, make notes and erase, move and zoom in on teaching material.

An all-in-one solution for the modern classroom, the Newline RSC Series integrates video, file sharing, and traditional presentation functions with the editing and annotion capabilities of a digital whiteboard. The Newline RSC Series is the modern solution for th emodern classroom.

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Cameras and Sound

Built-in wide-angle 1080p camera and microphone array make engaging with the RSC simple and easy.

 Screen Extension

Wirelessly connect a device to the RSC Series. Share your screen and collaborate with your audience.

IR Touch Tehnology

Advanced IR touch technology enables responsive touch for a smooth writing experience.

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Instant electronic whiteboard and on-screen annotation tool. Never let a single idea slip away.

 Go Wireless

Connect your preferred device to the RSC with ease. Effortlessly share your screen for effective collaboration.

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No matter what device you use, MAC, iOS, Windows, or Android, the OS will be compatible.

Great User Experience

Intuitive layout, simple navigation and apps like Microsoft Office just a download away make using the RSC a dream.

Flexibility for the Classroom

Narrow frame design and an ultra thin touch screen combined with state-of-the-art internals mean the RSC Series is light and easy to move.


Video Conferencing in One Click
A built in full HD wide-angle camera, microphone array and speaker deliver an all-in-one video conferencing solution. Never worry again about setting up a projector, external microphone and camera, all whilst trying to connect a device - the Newline RSC Series offers an efficient and smooth video conferencing process.

High-end Hardware
Premium array microphones pick up sound up to 8 metres away, using intelligent beamforming technology to focus in on the sound source. Additionally, the in-built 13W speaker system delivers clear audio, whilst eliminating echo and background noise.

HD Camera Lens
The RSC Series is equipped with a high-resolution 1080p ultra-wide angle camera, delivering a 178 degree viewing angle perfect for classrooms and lecture theatres.

High Touch Accuracy
High-end infrared touch technology provides ultra-fine touch accuracy and high sensitivity, delivering an intuitive and smooth touch experience. 

Multi-touch Technology
The options are endless with Newline's intuitive Edit and Annotate tool; write notes and draw diagrams freely on any application including Word, PowerPoint and Excel, ensuring no idea slips away. 

Smart Gesture Operation
User experience is at the core of the RSC Series' design. A touch of the screen enables editing and annotations, with a simple open-palm gesture to erase written notes and drawings. With this intuitive annotation tool, the RSC Series is transformed into your own digital canvas.



The Newline RSC Series revolutionises the classroom as an all-in-one upgrade on traditional teaching tools;

Electronic Whiteboard
Write, draw and annotate anywhere on the screen, any time. Up to 4 users have the freedom to choose from a variety of writing tools including, pens, highlighters and brush tools. Don't let any idea slip away, with the ability to save and come back to annotations and drawings at any time.

Video Conferencing
Equipped with a 1080p ultra-wide angle camera and microphone array, as well as a 13W speaker system, the RSC Series offers modern video conferencing technology in one easy-to-use package.

Full HD TV
Wirelessly connect a device, and the RSC Series becomes a full HD TV complete with speaker system. Present learning material, recorded lectures and more, with the flexibility to pause and annotate on the fly.

Expandable Capabilities
Widen the RSC Series' capabilites with the addition of an OPS Windows 10 computer module. The native Andriod 8.0 operating system efficiently integrates with an external computer module, resulting in  the smooth efficiency of a smartphone the delivers the powerful capacity of a Windows 10 computer.

OPS Computer Module
Equipped with an Intel® Core™ i7-7500 U processor, DDR4-8GB memory and 256GB SSD storage space, the addition of an OPS Computer Module increases efficiency and expands the RSC Series' capabilities.

Easy Installation
A purpose-built expansion slot means the OPS Computer Module simply slides into place; expandability, upgrades and physical maintenance has never been easier.

Integration with existing hardware is seamless, with the OPS Computer Module offering multiple connection ports including an HDMI input, multiple USB 2.0/3.0 inputs, 3.5mm in and out, and a LAN port.


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