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This page includes Fuji Xerox product(s), licensed from Xerox Corporation.
The distributor of the product(s) is FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corp.


Smart Work Gateway is a new way of working. It changes how you manage your workplace and helps you re-imagine your operations and streamline your communications, setting a new standard in usability.

With Smart Work Gateway, you can boost flexibility, remove barriers, and give yourself the freedom to organize how you wish to work. Change how you plug in, sign on and connect to your workplace from any location you choose. Free up your time, be productive and spend your time on work that is meaningful to you. Importantly in today's world, Smart Work Gateway allows you to achieve this while adhering with compliance, and security policies. Simply put, it is an employee and customer centric approach to change the environment you work in.

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Smart Work Gateway


At the office

Smooth linking promoted without interrupting your work and train of thought

MFD Awaken by Users

  • Smart WelcomEyes
    A camera installed in the MFD detects the user and the device automatically recovers from the sleep mode. Even if the device is always set to sleep mode, which offers excellent energy saving performance, it can be used immediately without compromising user convenience.
  • Smart WelcomEyes Advance 2*1 
    User faces can be identified by installing the Smart WelcomEyes Advance face recognition camera. On top of performing authentication without using an IC card, the operation screen can be customised to the preference of each user.

Swift authentication

  • Server-less authentication linkage*2 
    If user information is registered to a single MFD, it can be automatically shared with other devices. This allows authentication from any device. Users can be registered by simply swiping their IC card, which helps reduce administrator work.
  • Easy UI Solution 2*3 
    Once authenticated, a customised screen appears on the control panel. Users can customise the screen to only display function buttons that they often use, may it be Scan, Copy, and Scan to Folder.

Printing from any machine

  • Server-less On-demand Print*4 
    Even if the MFD that you chose to print out is in use, you can print from another MFD. You do not need a special server to use this function. Jobs can be printed even without authentication.

    [Various benefits]
    • Concentration of printing from a specific network connected MFD can be avoided. Optimised device operations help reduce the number of devices in the office.
    • Wasteful printing is reduced by deleting or correcting incorrect print jobs from the MFD control panel.
    • Printing is executed only after operations on the MFD's control panel. It's effective in reducing forgotten prints and in securing your documents.

Visualising your usage records

  • Device Log Service*5 
    The usage records of MFDs in the office can be automatically totalized. Cost awareness can be achieved by visualizing the actual usage of MFDs. It promotes TCO reduction.

Serverless Device Management

Multiple MFDs can be efficiently utilised while raising cost awareness, without the need to build a server. Efficiency is promoted without placing a burden on employees, including the administrator. Proposing the creation of such systems is a strength of FUJIFILM Business Innovation.

  • *1 Optional. The device authentication mode must be enabled.
  • *2 Optional. Requires an IC card reader.
  • *3 Easy UI Solution 2 added application must be installed.
  • *4 Optional.
  • *5 A Cloud service provided by FUJIFILM Business Innovation. A separate contract is required to be concluded.

On the go

Communication to whomever, whenever, where ever

Making the best of information away from office

  • Working Folder
    Received fax documents are automatically uploaded to the "Working Folder*1 " cloud service provided by FUJIFILM Business Innovation. E-mails are sent to your smartphone or tablet device so that you can check your faxes when you're on the go.

    [Solid security measures]
    If you upload documents to Working Folder such as the latest presentations and catalogs, they can be downloaded, browsed and uploaded while you're on the field or when visiting a customer. SSL communication and encrypted storage assure the security of your stored data. You can handle the customer's requests efficiently, securely, and quickly on the spot.

Easy printing where you are

  • Cloud On-Demand Print*1 
    When you urgently need to print something when you are away from the office or on-site, relax. You can print your documents by simply entering your ID and password on an MFD or entering a seven digit print reservation number as a shared user, without the trouble of setting a printer driver or network each time.
  • Print Utility*2 
    The Print Utility is a print/scan application for mobile devices running on software such as iOS and AndroidTM. With the support of NFC (Near Field Communication), you can print and scan on a MFD from AndroidTM devices simply by tapping the device on a card reader.

Supporting various environments

  • Wi-Fi Direct®*3 
    Even when the internal network environment cannot be used by the mobile device of a visitor or the personal mobile device, the device can directly connect to the MFD via a Wireless LAN Converter to output documents.
  • Secondary Ethernet*3 *4 
    The device is equipped with two Ethernet ports to accommodate two different networks. For instance, one can be used for the company LAN while the other for visitors, or, one for a mission-critical system and the other for the general office. Even in a situation where two companies share an office, the separation of networks will provide a secure printing environment.

Scanning & sending made so simple

  • Scan Delivery*3 
    By pressing a pre-set button on the MFD's control panel, documents can be scanned and stored with a file format and destination set in advance. File names can be created with a custom string set on a PC combined with the document type and date. It makes documents easier to search for.

Creating new working styles to suit the changes of times

Even if you are contacted while on the go, you can quickly respond without returning to the office. Daily reports can be swiftly created with simple operations. FUJIFILM Business Innovation offers diverse work styles to drive higher performance from working people.

  • *1 A Cloud Service provided by FUJIFILM Business Innovation. A separate service contract is required.
  • *2 Requires an IC card reader.
  • *3 Optional.
  • *4 Print function only. Only the TCP/IP (lpd, Port9100) protocol is supported.

Beyond department barriers

Various corporate needs are accommodated in total with the same product lineup.

[ Highly efficient ] with waste-free operations

Business reports and annual reports can be printed in large quantities and smoothly processed with high-speed printing and finishing.

Contribution of TCO reduction

The product line-up covers a wide range of speeds from 25 to 70 sheets/minute. By adopting multiple devices, the optimal placement based on usage together with standardized operations and configuration methods can all be achieved. The IH-Fuser and LED print head of these devices also contributes to energy saving.

Immediately Cloud services ready

Devices are preinstalled with an application for directly accessing Cloud services for printing and scanning. If your office is already using Cloud services, the services can be used immediately after the MFD is installed.

[ Highly productive ] with convenience

In addition to digitising large quantities of documents, schematics can be quickly folded so that they are suitable for filing.

High-speed scanning in large quantities

Devices are equipped with a duplex automatic document feeder that can scan both sides of a document at once. It achieves an astonishing high-speed scanning of 270 pages per minute.*1 Up to 250 sheets*2 can be loaded.

Automation of a series of processes, including Z-folding

Various finishers*3 are available. When outputting A4 documents that include several A3 drawings, the A3 sheets can be Z-folded, the whole bundle stapled and hole-punched to create an A4 file.

  • *1 With the C7771/C6671. 154 pages per minute for the C5571/C4471/C3371/C3370/C2271.
  • *2 With the C7771/C6671. 130 sheets for the C5571/C4471/C3371/C3370/C2271.
  • *3 Optional. For details, see "With more variation".

[ High image quality ] with sharp images

When it comes to printing documents such as comprehensive layouts and leaflets, FUJIFILM Business Innovation MFDs can satisfy the needs to reproduce quality images and texts.

Newly-developed Super EA-Eco toner adopted

High resolution of 1200 x 2400 dpi is an eye-opener. Even more remarkable is the new toner, which grain size is one of the smallest in the industry. This combination produces clear and sharp text and lines with smooth gradations. Half-tones are also beautifully reproduced to allow smooth printing such as the softness of a baby's skin and natural gradations of a blue sky.

Motivating in-house printing

In addition to high image quality, the devices provide easy-to-use image quality adjustments*1 that catch the heart of those users who are keen for higher quality. Even for printed materials that need that extra appeal, this MFD will promote your in-house printing together with higher speeds and lower costs.

  • *1 Adjust Paper Registration,Density Uniformlty Adjustment,Print Head Alignment,Adjust Image Transfer.

[ Highly versatile ] for more variation

Experience the effectiveness in POP and package production with the wide variety of paper types, sizes, and weights the device can handle.

Thin and heavyweight paper all supported

The standard tray can handle paper between 52 to 300 gsm. In addition to printing envelopes, this MFD can satisfy your needs for printing sales promotion materials such as POP and packaging in small lots.

Printing on long paper supported: suitable for creating banners*1

Long paper up to 320 x 1200 mm*2 is supported.

  • *1 Only supported by the PCL driver and the Windows® version of the Adobe® PostScript® 3TM driver.
  • *2 The printable area is 305 x 1194 mm.

Transcending differences in scope and skill

Effective solutions offered to resolve your challenges.

Solving your scanning mistakes

I can't scan the way I want it…

The orientation of my scanned images are off by 90 degrees. The back side is up-side-down compared to the front side.

The orientation of my scanned data is all mixed up…

Scanning becomes simple, like with a camera's auto mode

"Scan Auto*1" automatically detects document orientation, whether the document is onesided or two-sided, and whether there is a mix of one-sided and two-sided sheets. By simply loading the document and pressing the start button, scanning becomes easy. Scanned documents can be saved to a PC or sent via e-mail.

OCR technology is utilised to automatically align the orientation of documents, skip blank pages, and save files by specifying a pre-registered filename. All corrections that had to be performed one by one on a PC can now be automated.

  • *1 This application is embedded in the MFD.

Streamlined saving and sharing of standard documents

Digitizing a large quantity of documents is troublesome…

Managing and utilising standard documents (invoices, contracts, and orders, etc.) efficiently takes a lot of work.

Anyone can easily digitize documents with simple steps

With "Scan Delivery*1 ", scan operation workflows can be pre-set as a menu item. By simply selecting the pre-set menu item and scanning a document, the entire scan operation including saving (including to folders on the Cloud), sorting and sharing can be automated.

As with "Scan Auto", the scanned images can be automatically aligned correctly, blank pages can be omitted and a filename can be automatically generated, etc. Filenames registered in advance can also be specified, and folders can also be automatically generated based on the date and authenticated user, and finally sorted. Operations for the batch scanning of documents, dividing by blank page or QR code, sorting by QR code, and assigning filenames can also be achieved. When using the DocuWorks format, attribute information such as document names and document properties can be assigned from the MFD.

  • *1 Optional.

Utilize multiple cloud services in bundle

Deciding which service to use and which to login to is a pain when using several cloud services…

Communication and logging in becomes troublesome when cloud services differ between my company and our partners…

Log into multiple cloud services with one ID and password

Cloud Service Hub*1 manages the access permission information for cloud services that customers are using. You can use all of these cloud services with a single login. Searches across multiple cloud service can be performed and Office® documents that are found by your search can be printed out directly from the multifunction device.

Cloud services can be used even without a computer if there is a multifunction device. You can also use it from your smart phone to perform your usual tasks anytime, anywhere.

  • *Cloud printing service provided by FUJIFILM Business Innovation. A separate service contract is required.

Setup procedures checked on the spot

Scanned documents don't reach my new PC...

Every time someone new joins our office or when a PC is replaced, I have to go through the trouble of looking up setup procedures in the manual.


Help information displayed on the control panel

Setup procedures can now be accessed from the control panel of the MFD. FAQ and keyword search functions are provided to speed up your work, without the need to read a manual. As help information is managed on the Cloud server, it is updated with frequent asked questions.


Help information can also be printed out and displayed on mobile devices (some videos can also be viewed on mobile devices). Your can setup your device while looking at help information on paper or a mobile device instead of from the control panel.

Convenient & Energy Efficient

Energy saving, TCO reduction, and environmental friendliness, all in good hands, without your special attention.

"RealGreen" for convenience and environmental friendliness

RealGreen*1 is a FUJIFILM Business Innovation concept that refers to technology and services that deliver both energy saving and convenience. It is to provide excellent environmental performance while allowing users to focus on their job, without their extra work. The spirit of RealGreen is also alive in the new FUJIFILM Business Innovation MFDs.

Smart power saving that only powers up device units to be used

Smart power saving divides the MFD into four units (the document feeder, control panel, output unit, and controller), and only powers up the units whatever is currently required. It is a smart way to reduce both power consumption and CO2 emissions.

High speed recovery from sleep mode with an instant heating IH-Fuser

High speed recovery from sleep mode Induction Heating Fusing Technology incorporates a thin, non-magnetic metal as the heating layer inside the fuser belt which enables greater energy efficiency. With this technology, the fusing unit does not require pre-heating and doesn't consume power when the machine is in standby mode. As a result, a fusing unit with the quickest start-up time of only 4 seconds or less*2 providing FUJIFILM Business Innovation with a tremendous competitive edge.

Bio-based plastic/recycled plastic adopted

These devices adopt bio-based plastic parts that use cellulose obtained from wood-based material rather than plant-based material. Recycled plastic is also used in some of the exterior parts.

Enhanced low-noise design

The devices has also been re-designed according to customer requests to reduce the sound made when outputting two-sided documents and the high pitched noise emitted by the tray module, in addition to optimizing the paper transport pathway and control, while improving the mechanical parts. The devices have evolved to become even quieter than previous models. 

With more variation

Variations to types of post-processing such as Z-folding and tri-folding increase by attaching a Finisher

  • Stapling
    Stapling multiple pages documents, such as meeting materials into sets, is available.
  • Punch
    A hole punch process can be used for filing documents in binders.
  • Saddle Staple
    This Single Fold and stapling process is ideal for creating catalogues and booklets.
  • Z Fold Half Sheet
    Z Fold Half Sheet is a useful method to combine A3 documents into A4 size.
  • Tri-fold
    The C-fold is useful when creating materials enclosed in envelopes.

Smart Work Gateway Base Configuration

Smart Work Gateway Base Configuration comes standard with features below.

  • Cloud Service Hub
  • Cloud On-Demand Print
  • Scan Delivery
  • Note: Large Size UI is optional


  • Easy access to documents stored in common cloud services without compromising its security
  • Improve productivity with ease of access to cloud which enable work to be done anywhere, anytime
  • High image quality with new super EA-Eco Toner
  • Promote in-house printing that require high image print quality
  • User-friendly operation via its intelligent control panel and “Help” button assistance
  • Environmentally friendly with FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s smart power saving technologies


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