Next Generation Managed Print Services

Continual improvement of document work processes

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Take the next step. Use your information more effectively, and not only print for less - but actually print less.

Next Generation Managed Print Services helps you extend the optimisation of the printing environment offered by our Managed Print Services.

Next Generation improves document work processes even further, and enhances security in mobile and cloud environments.

Our three-stage approach delivers continuous value and provides services according to the maturity of your office.

1: Assess and Optimise

Using analytical tools to capture the total cost of your print environment, we reduce costs and environmental load. We compare information with other departments or industry standards and generate ‘what-if’ scenarios to enhance your work environment.

2: Secure and Integrate

We enhance security and print management in whatever environment documents are used – in office, mobile, or cloud environments.

Advanced print management settings can be configured to selectively restrict actions, such as colour output or printing confidential documents. These configurations can be applied to non-FUJIFILM Business Innovation devices as well.

3: Automate and Simplify

We determine the why, how and where of printed documents and how they’re shared and distributed. After identifying inefficient work processes, we introduce efficiencies by digitising paper-based processes and automating your workflow.

We also help you manage the sharing, saving and conversion of documents created via tablets, smartphones and other sources.


Improved document work processes
Ongoing improvement