FUJIFILM Business Innovation Dream Service

Delivering Exceptional Service and Support

Fuji Xerox Dream Service


Our team of professional customer engineers, call center agents, technical support systems and specialists make sure we are in touch with the latest technological advancements and processes so we can provide our customer with world class support to enable them to focus on what is important to them and help them realize sustainable growth. 

We lead the industry with the best customer service processes and technology but nothing compares to how dedicated we are in our passion to make the customer smile.  We epitomize SPEED:

S- Solutions based service 
P-continuing Partnership with our external and internal clients
E-Excellence at all levels
E-Experience in providing resourceful and effective service
D-Delighting our customers for a hassle free and efficient experience.


Solid Infrastructure

Our continuous investments in building a robust and efficient infrastructure enables consistency in our delivery of consistent excellent service.  Flexibility in Resolution Channel FUJIFILM Business Innovation offers 4 modes of customer support that lets us respond most appropriately to any customer issue.  Faster Resolution  We have resolved an average of 56% of customer issues off site with resolution time of less than 45 minutes. 


From Reactive to Prognostic Support

As the pace of businesses continue to accelerate, the team at FUJIFILM Business Innovation recognizes the need to maximize uptime of multi-function printers. By moving from the usual reactive support to prognostic support through Electronic Partnership Broadband (EP-BB) and Production Remote Services (PRS), our latest range of multi-function printers can now predict and pre-empt its service needs and issues. This relieves our customers from the hassle of keeping track of print issues, so that they can focus on their core business. 
Powered by EP-BB (Electronic Partnership Broadband)

Electronic Partnership Broad Band

Electronic Partnership – Broadband (EP-BB) is a service offering of FUJIFILM Business Innovation designed to improve the quality of our after-sales service by remotely managing and maintaining your FUJIFILM Business Innovation multi-function device. The service delivers a comprehensive 24×7 support, enabling machine issues to be identified and resolved with greater ease and efficiency.  Most importantly, it benefits clients by maximizing productivity and minimizing downtime.  Through Internet access, EP-BB unites client’s machine status, maintenance and usage information to FUJIFILM Business Innovation and provides the client with a smart and powerful set of information at their fingertips.

Connect and Relax

With Production Remote Services, we are taking the idea of service to a whole new level. By connecting you online to FUJIFILM Business Innovation using just your existing infrastructure, we can keep tabs on your digital press to know what’s going on at anytime and when something needs to be done. It’s as if our whole service team is always there with you, even when they are not.


Our People

Our team of trained professionals, comprising colour analysts, solution architects, and business analysts among others, helps to make sure that we are in touch with the latest technological advancements so that we are able to provide the best print and document services for our customers, and enable their businesses to stay ahead of the curve.