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Our approach to Sustainability 
FUJIFILM Business Innovation Philippines  believes that reputation and credibility are integral to business sustainability. Our relationships with customers, employees, the community and the environment are key to maintaining our reputation and credibility.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Philippine's approach to sustainability focuses on creating value for these key stakeholders through the provision of products and services. Today, sustainability means more than just ‘green' and charity. It is about making measurable impact to the business environment and helps us to constantly innovate and improve our products and services to respond to an evolving set of stakeholders' expectations.

In the second edition of our Sustainability Report, we highlight our continued commitment to sustainability and transparency, demonstrating how our social and environmental responsibilities are integrated into our core business. We also measure our performance against the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) requirements, we demonstrated how our social and environmental responsibilities are integrated with our core business. Key initiatives, performance and outcomes are also shared in this report.



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Amongst our set of core values lies the commitment and focus on global sustainability - a focus that manifests itself in the integration and support of our customers as well as placing our environment at the core of everything that we deliver.

We are unique in addressing sustainability at every step in the value chain. From parts procurement through an extensive supply chain, to our product design, manufacturing operations, to customer use and disposal of our products at end of life – We have proven our commitment to sustainability at every step in the value chain.



At FUJIFILM Business Innovation Philippines, environmental concerns have been part of our business operations for many years. In line with the Group's vision and sustainability strategy, we uphold environmental values and principles, and ensure that they are inculcated in our employees at all levels of the organization

Our Policy

We, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Philippines , Incorporated, a preferred Solutions Service Provider, will strive hard to introduce and develop, into all aspects of our businesses, eco-friendly activities that emphasize utmost respect to the environment, and influence our business partners and other stakeholders in this endeavor.

We will strive to protect the environment and prevent pollution, as well as ensure 
health and safety of every employee and the  surrounding communities .

To fulfil these commitment, we will:

Contribute to energy/resource saving by providing environment friendly  related products and services to our customers;

Optimize the use of eco-friendly materials and supplies, refurbish used products,control discharges emissions, noise pollution and where appropriate reuse, recycle, treat and dispose properly all wastes we generate;

Conserve the use of electricity and fuel of the company; 

Commit to comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the country, including the requirements of our customers and the industry  to which we subscribe;

Establish objectives and targets, which will continually improve our operation and protect the environment, our employees and members; 

Actively promote environmental , safety and health related activities;

Commit to continually improve our Environmental Management System through periodical reviews; and

Instill our environmental policy in the consciousness of all employees and have it available to the public. 

In 2003, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Philippines implemented the Environmental Management System (EMS) in its offices and local operations. In the same year, it obtained ISO 14001 from the Japan Audit and Certification Organization (JACO). The EMS aims to improve the resource efficiency of our business practices and to reduce the adverse impact we have on the environment.


Environment Framework

Annually, top management set the environmental targets based on the framework and make sure they are communicated to respective departments staff.  Monthly performance are tracked and announced to at prominent locations around the offices. Functions that require improvements are reviewed during the monthly CSR meeting attended by a team of senior management.

As of year end 2015, we have achieved the following performance  for our Environment efforts:

  • 48% reduction in electricity usage since 2007
  • 14% reduction in fuel consumption since 2007
  • 43% reduction in office paper usage since 2007
  • Collected and recycled 153,877 units of used toner cartridges and customer replaceable units since 2008


FUJIFILM Business Innovation Philippines engages the community by initiating and participating in activities that promote the care and preservation of the environment, and in activities that benefits the society

We also strive to maximize our commitment to community developmentthrough  engaging our employees.

Some initiatives which FUJIFILM Business Innovation Philippines is currently supporting are:

- Gawad Kalinga (since 2012)
- FUJIFILM Business Innovation in Action: Workbook for Filipino children (since 2014)
- Adopt-A-Water Body (since 2015)



Gawad Kalinga Photo 1 

In January 2007, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Philippines employees worked together to build houses for the poorest of the poor located in Taguig, Manila. Having partnered with Gawad Kalinga and the local government of Taguig, the employees worked during Saturdays and transformed into masons, painters, carpenters, and helpers. The project allowed employees to share their time and talent with the marginalized members of society. FUJIFILM Business Innovation Philippines volunteer employees are truly a model of responsible corporate citizenship
The houses were completed and formally turned over to the beneficiaries in simple ceremonies in December 2007.   It comprises 30 homes and a two –story multipurpose hall. The first floor serves as a daycare center, while the second floor is utilized as a computer training facility.  One parent, Medy Austria, notes that she can now leave her children at the daycare center in the morning and work on her needlecraft.  Above all, Medy is happy that her children can now attend school. Before, many families could not afford the cost of textbooks; therefore, their children were deprived of an all-important education.


Gawad Kalinga Photo 4

Gawad Kalinga Photo 2

The multipurpose hall is also open to local residents and other nearby GK Villages. Local volunteers regularly visit the facility to teach children how to use the computers.  Companies that support other GK Villages in the same area donated the computers. Many children learning at the hall exclaim enthusiastically that they want to work using computers in the future.  The multipurpose hall has truly become a hub where children can pursue their dreams and aspirations.
Today, life is much better for the local residents.  Previously, they were always under pressure of being evicted since they built their shanties on the city’s property without permission. They were virtually isolated from surrounding neighborhoods and had to tolerate an environment rampant with violent crime and drunken street fights. Now, the scene is quite different with the establishment of the FUJIFILM Business Innovation GK Village.

Taking Social Contributions to the Next Level
Providing ICT Education to GK Residents 


Gawad Kalinga Photo 3

A second phase of the project is now in place at the FUJIFILM Business Innovation Gawad Kalinga Village to help enable the residents to channel their talents, time and potential into productive activities. This in turn will provide a source of livelihood and, in the long-term, build their self-esteem and self-worth.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Philippine (FXP) has opened Educational Centre inside the FUJIFILM Business Innovation Gawad Kalinga Village, to foster social and economic independence of residents. The center is offering opportunities for ICT education.   Based on Virtual Hollywood Platform (VHP) concept, FXP and FX’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) worked together to open the center in June this year.   FX sent PCs it is no longer using to the Philippines as equipment, while an NGO is providing the educational content of the program. We are pleased to introduce the members of FXP and FX who have taken a new step toward solving the problems facing the region

FUJIFILM Business Innovation in Action: Workbook for Filipino Children

Workbook photo 1

Workbook photo 4 

As a socially responsible corporate citizen, through the FUJIFILM Business Innovation Foundation of the Philippines and various business partners, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Philippines, Inc. embarked on a project providing English & Math Workbooks to Filipino children. The workbooks were designed to help resolve educational disparity among these children who have limited access to education, aiming to improve lives in disadvantaged communities.

As of Sept 2016,  we have distributed a total of 4,440 workbooks. With a target reach of 30,000 children in the Philippines over a period of 10 years, our journey has just begun. To express your interest or seek further information please contact our CSR Team c/o Ms. Beng Collantes ( or Tel #8785200)

Past & Present Project Activities in the Philippines

This project was initially launched in the Philippines in 2014. FUJIFILM Business Innovation Philippines  started the activity by distributing workbooks to 442 children in the suburbs of Manila in partnership with a local NGO, Gawad Kalinga. The workbooks were created using materials offered by Gakken Holdings Co., Ltd. In 2015, we checked how the workbooks distributed in 2014 (Workbook 1: English) had been utilized, and then distributed the next workbook (Workbook 2: Arithmetic) to children who had completed the learning of Workbook 1. 


Workbook photo 3

Year 2015:  
This year, FXP extended the workbook distribution to the beneficiaries/children in two other cities thru our implementing NGO partner, Gawad Kalinga. A total of 1,388 workbooks (English & Math 1) was distributed this year.  This time, some of our business partners/customers share our goals and  joined the projects as financial sponsors. Note 3

Workbook photo 2
Year 2016:

On its 3rd year doing 'FUJIFILM Business Innovation in Action: Workbook for Filipino Children' project, FXP continuously partnered with NGO Gawad Kalinga by distributing 1,100 English Workbook to the children of its communities located in the rural areas of Davao, Mindanao Region of the Philippines. 

Workbook photo 1
On August 16, 2016, FXP signed a Memorandum of Agreement appointing its new NGO partner, CFC/ANCOP Cornerstone. A month after the MOA signing, FXP distributed 1,510 English workbooks to CFC/ANCOP Cornerstone’s Elementary Program which aims to reach out to slow readers in elementary children in public schools through Reading Tutorials and Values Formation.

FXP participates in Adopt-a-Water Body Program

FXP participated in an environmental program lead by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).  The Adopt-a-Water Body Program is a collaborative undertaking between and among communities along creeks and rivers, concerned local government units, private sector and the DENR to achieve a cleaner, safer and healthier environment.
On September 17, 2016, around 26 volunteers from FXP & family members, and 60+ volunteers from Barangay Pinagsama teamed up to clean up and beautify Pinagsama Creek in Taguig City.  Close to 300 meters of the creek’s wall were painted while other volunteers cleaned the surrounding areas and the creek.  It was a fulfilling experience for everyone.

Adopt-A-Water Photo 1

Adopt-A-Water photo 2

Adopt-A-Water Photo 3

Adopt-A-Water Photo 8


Green Choice Philippines

The National Eco Labelling Programme –Green Choice Philippines (NELP-GCP) has granted the SEAL OF APPROVAL to FUJIFILM Business Innovation Philippines, Inc.’s  DocuCenter 2056/2058 under the category Multi-Function Printing Device. NELP-GCP is one of the country's initiatives to exercise the fundamentals of sustainable development. It aims to change the behavioral patterns in consumption and production that tend to misuse, abuse, and degrade our environment.  It also envisions that environment friendly products or services are being produced and distributed in the country.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation's "3600 of sustainability" is the key success factor to pass the criteria set by this program.