Document Outsourcing Services

Digitisation, indexing, storage and analysis to reduce processing time and shorten time-to-market and decision making.

Document Outsourcing


Various types of documents are used in day-to-day business activities, such as sales and marketing collaterals, proposals, product documentation and manual, transactional documents. These documents consist of valuable information essential to the business, and have direct impact towards improving sales and customer satisfaction. 

In today's business, the need for document related activities are causing you to spend up to 15% of your annual expenditure. Are you aware that you are challenged by the complexity of today’s market, combined with the need to reduce cost and increase efficiency? Are you looking for ways to reduce costs and deliver sustained savings and at the same time, increase satisfaction among users?

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Document Outsourcing Services provide various solutions such as digitization, indexing, storage and analysis to reduce processing time and shorten time to the market and decision making. We also provide end-to-end document processes enabling effective customer communication, from design, editing, printing and distribution.


Print Center Services provides onsite Managed Print Centers, for high quality, quick turn-around, Print On-demand and Publication Work, which includes:

  • Professionally printed and bound documents in various sizes.
  • Capabilities customized to meet individual client needs, such as wide format and imposition.
  • Online job submission, quote, proof, job status updates and management information.
  • Access to optional additional services such as off-set print procurement, off-site hub, document composition and integrated links to other DOS offerings.

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