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Promoting business communication with powerful documentation

Most businesses are faced with increasing numbers of multifunction devices, printers, faxes, and the growing need to utilize mobile devices. The increasing number of devices and variety of work styles lead to issues such as extra management work, risk of information leakage, increasing costs, heavy printing activities and longer work hours.

ApeosWare Management Suite 2 is a software that can manage devices and their usages, and provides integrated authentication, print output, log accounting, and document distribution.
It promotes comprehensive document management to provide high value to businesses.


Address issues related to document input and output, including the cost of managing documents, risk of leaks, print queue traffic and operational delays.


Advanced design and visualization from the user's perspective
Administrators are able to complete necessary settings and operations without looking at a manual, and users are able to quickly access the services they need.
ApeosWare Management Suite 2 realizes a sleek system that removes tediousness with an easy-to-understand interface, simple settings and operations, and data visualization.
  • Intuitive user interface (Administrator UI / device control panel / mobile device)
  • Accounting report creation
  • Display usage status
  • Image Log Control
  • Server Monitoring


Efficiently manage life cycle from creation to disposal
With ApeosWare Management Suite 2, the document life cycle can be organized to increase operational efficiency of the administrators and strengthen governance for the business. Consistency is made possible as the system will inherit the grouping features set by the administrator and implement the same feature across the fleet of devices in the office. This ensures centralized management for the status of registration, settings and application of the appropriate user profiles.
  • Device Management
  • User Management
  • Cost Management
  • Print Management


Adapt to the ever-changing business environment to improve processes
Customers exchange information daily across multiple platforms including multifunction devices, computers, operational systems and cloud services. ApeosWare Management Suite 2 connects to various devices and systems used by customers, and promotes input and output of documents.
  • Link with File Management Service
  • Document Distribution by flow


Extended functionality with enhancement options
The features used and the amount of data handled by each customer are different. ApeosWare Management Suite 2 is available in Entry Edition and Enterprise Edition product packages to provide features as needed.
  • Available in Entry Edition and Enterprise Edition
  • Flexible system configurations to meet IT requirements

A new version for more convenience and efficiency


Start with the trial version

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User friendly interface / Easy operation on a web screen

I want to manage consumables of overall devices in a timely manner.

Administrator’s Web UI that is easy to understand and operate

Web-based administrator’s UI provides easy-to-understand screens with abundant information on the dashboard. The UI facilitates administration by providing centralized management of the device consumables status such as toner, drums, and paper.

Administrator portal features-diagram-01 

Management of toner, drums, and paper features-diagram-02 

Note: It can also check detailed information for each device.

I want to operate devices with as few steps as possible.

Menu displayed on the control panel

Menus for the ApeosWare Management Suite 2 are provided on the control panel of the devices. You can quickly access to the operation service on the device. External linkage system such as DocuShare and SharePoint can be connected to the system to provide you with the same operational experience.


features-diagram-03  Multifunction device Control Panel


I want to operate my mobile device the same way as my computer.

Direct operations from mobile devices

A specialized program is provided for mobile devices. Devices, users, and setting information specified on ApeosWare Management Suite 2 are applied to mobile devices to allow direct output and scanning by intuitive operations from the user interface. Devices to output and scan by using QR codes can also be setup easily.

  Mobile device user interface screen

Display the usage status / Making each employee more cost-conscious

I want all users to be cost-counscious.

Display the usage status on the control panel on login

Individual usage status can be displayed in monetary amounts. You can also show each user's gap from administrator targets for color printing, 2 sided printing, Pages per Side, and so on. This information can be hidden for those who have met the targets. It reduces the burdens of the administrator while raising cost-consciousness of users.


Create accounting reports / Facilitating cost reduction and optimal deployment of devices

I want to know the usage status of devices so I can optimize their locations and reduce overuse.

Creating over thirty different types of reports

A wide-range of reports can be created on the web browser using collected job log information such as the users of devices, sheets that are output, paper sizes, and time. The report function has been dramatically enhanced in ApeosWare Management Suite 2. A variety of reports can be created across five categories.     


Executive summary report

Device usage report by user

Electricity usage report


Main features
    • Web-based accounting reports
    • Custom settings
    • Various output formats (Web/PDF/Office documents)
    • Automated report settings (Email/shared folder storage)

Image Log Control* / Strengthening security by preventing and tracking information leak

      • * Optional.

I want to prevent information leak and ensure traceability.

Deter information leakage

Any documents that have been copied, printed, scanned or sent / received by fax will be stored as images along with relevant process details and device information. These features allow administrators monitor document handling activity by individual users as well as groups. And by combining the system’s management tools with other authentication functions - such as device passwords and IC cards - user activity is easily tracked, greatly deterring the occurrence of information leakage.


Trace leaks

When classified documents containing personal or other confidential information are leaked, you can find the responsible party by searching job logs and document content obtained from automatic OCR* - effectively where the system will show you how and when a leak occurred.

  • * Optional.


Monitor image logs and notify admins*

To monitor document handling, simply pre-programme search criteria or keywords and let Image Log Management automatically search for relevant documents. Reports are then generated and sent to administrators via e-mail at designated intervals determined by importance. All reports are saved for future reference and can be categorised by users or groups, assigned varying degrees of importance, and displayed by the year or month. This feature significantly reduces the possibility of information leakage caused by misuse of multifunction printers and other similar devices.

  • * Optional.



Management of devices / Reduce burden of settings by assigning groups

With the increasing number of devices, the burden on the administrator also increases.

Organize and manage settings information

Device groups can be created and devices to manage can be registered to the group. It is possible to centrally manage settings information and to batch configure device settings. Resetting devices is easy even in case of a device malfunction.


Email notifications of device statuses

This function monitors the status of devices and sends notifications by email. Problems such as a lack of paper or paper jams can be handled in a timely manner.

Centrally manage device panel settings

Buttons on the control panel of devices can be registered in batches from the server to drastically reduce the time for installation.

Monitoring device settings

Provides central monitoring of device security to reduce administrative tasks

Security monitoring setting provides batch setting of security options of multifunction machines, printers, and other devices. This function also detects unintended setting changes and notifies the administrators.
Also, this function periodically and automatically restores such device settings to maintain the required security level, reducing the operational tasks of the administrator.


Main features
  • Management of devices and device groups
  • Automated registration of devices
  • Reflection of device data
  • Authentication/accounting settings
  • Display of device statuses/meter information
  • Notification settings for statuses
  • Displays job log collection status
  • Stock management of consumables

Management of users / Manage departments and offices securely and all at once

I'm worried about security in an environment where many people use devices.

Strengthening security with user authentication

This function authenticates users when logging into devices to identify who is using the device before it is used.

Setting strict restrictions to functions and access privileges

Device features and color printing can be restricted by individual, department, or position. This reinforces security and promotes effective TCO reduction.


Easily register user information

User information can be imported from LDAP, SQL servers, Active Directory, and CSV files. This allows efficient registration and management.*

  • * Users can register their card IDs from the control panel of multifunction devices or their computer.
Main features
  • Management of users and user groups
  • Settings for access profiles
  • Links with external authentication servers (domains)
  • Import of users
  • Import of accounts*
  • Settings for authentication features
  • Self-registration of user card IDs
  • * Entry Edition requires Cost Recovery Option.

Management of printing / Organize rules for efficient output

I want to thoroughly reduce costs without relying on user awareness.

Limit wastefulness through "print rules"

Rules for output such as "high speed, 2 sided printing of large-quantity jobs" and "black & white printing for email" can be specified. Output without wastefulness can be performed thoroughly without any particular reliance on user awareness.


I can't print my urgent documents because the device is in use.

Quick Print On Demand*

"Print On Demand" can be used to output from any device of your choice upon user authentication. Your print jobs are stored temporarily to a server. This also allows you print out only the correct documents and delete those print job with incorrect settings.

  • * Print On Demand is optional for the Entry Edition and standard for the Enterprise Edition.

  Upload and print files from the online user interface of servers

Restricting output by guest users

For example, users can pay to use "Guest Print". The guest users will be able to perform the print job from designated locations, such as the library.

Main features
  • Management of print servers
  • Direct printing
  • Print On Demand*
  • Guest Print*
  • Watermark
  • Access protocols and print rules
  • Popup notification
  • Attribute changes of print jobs
  • * Optional for Entry Edition.

Providing a Mobility Environment / Input/output from mobile devices are also well managed


Achieving highly secure usability*

ApeosWare Management Suite 2 can manage input and output from smartphones and tablet devices.

  • * Optional for Entry Edition.

Output from the web or Email*

Files can be uploaded and output via a web browser. Emails and attachments sent to a specified email address can be printed.

  • * Optional for Entry Edition.

Output via the Internet*

Isolating the Mobile Server allows mobile output via the internet.

  • * Optional for Entry Edition.
  • Note: Separate user licenses are required for 11 or more users.
Main features
  • Sending of print jobs
  • Operation of Print On Demand*1
  • Scan to Email
  • Associating mobile devices with devices
  • Links with file management services*2
  • Cost management*1
  • *1: Optional for Entry Edition.
  • *2: DocuShare, Microsoft® SharePoint® Server, Salesforce, OneDrive®, SharePoint Online, ABBYY® FlexiCapture® are supported optionally.

Cost management / Organize the cost incurred according to the output by project

I want to transfer the costs for output as well when invoicing customers, but there's no way to do so by project.

Transfer costs by project*

For example, the staff at offices such as law offices or architect studios that have multiple projects at the same time can register an account for each project in advance. This way, accounting results can be used to transfer costs.

  • * Optional for Entry Edition.


I want to properly manage the budget associated with output.

Decide and control the "balance"*

A balance can be set for each account to control the output costs. Flexible operations are possible by rolling over balances with a surplus to the next month or by replenishing accounts with insufficient balances.

  • * Optional for Entry Edition.


Main features
  • Management of accounts
  • Creation of fee structure
  • Settings for replenishment schedules
  • Accounting reports for each account

Link scan settings with file management services / Flexibly connect devices with systems

Can I set the processing method or destination when scanning documents?

Consistent operations and easy login

Avoid confusion with a unified operation screen, even when accessing various file management services. Once user IDs and passwords are registered in advance, there is no need to log in to file management services every single time.

Simple settings from the control panel

A simple flow function is provided to process and distribute scanned documents. Scanned documents can be attached and sent by email or stored in a shared folder on the network.


Input and output documents in the cloud*

For example, documents saved to cloud services can be accessed from the control panel of devices and printed.

  • SMB, FTP, email, Google DriveTM are supported as standards. DocuShare, Microsoft® SharePoint® Server, Salesforce, OneDrive®, SharePoint Online, ABBYY® FlexiCapture® are supported optionally.
Main features
  • Image processing
  • Scan settings
  • Email sending of scanned documents
  • Links with file management services
  • Printing of saved documents
  • Email notifications
  • Cost management*
  • Optional for Entry Edition.

Document distribution using flows* / Paperless, timely links to downstream processes

  • Optional

We receive so many faxes and scan documents daily, and it's tough to process them manually.

Standardize operation through settings in advance

Various processes can be set by establishing rules as "flows" in advance. A series of processes is performed automatically such as document processing, distribution, outputting, and saving by simply importing documents from received faxes and scan operations.


OCR and noise reduction possible*

Processes such as format conversion and OCR processing* that go along with importing documents can be performed automatically. High-level processing can also be standardized, including sorting for addresses based on the text strings extracted through OCR.

  • A separate option is required.
Main features
  • Import documents
  • Generate data (Document names, QR code reading*, attribute mapping, form analysis*, etc.)
  • Document distribution (Distribution jobs, multi-sending, form analysis result output*, etc.)
  • Error notification
  • Optional

Entry Edition and Enterprise Edition are available / Adapting to the customer's purpose

Selecting from two types of adoption

ApeosWare Management Suite 2 offers an "Entry Edition" for easy implementation and an "Enterprise Edition" with Print On Demand and cost management as standard features. In addition, the features can be adapted to your needs.

Controlling the amount of handled data by computer specifications

For the Entry Edition and Enterprise Edition, the amount of data to be handled by the system can be controlled according to the specifications of the server.

Entry Edition Enterprise Edition
Basic features including device, user and log management are offered in an all-in-one configuration. Redundant and distributed configurations are available.
Print On Demand and cost management features are standard.

Redundant configuration

Distributed configuration

Paid scan & connect*1

Print on demand*1

Print on demand

Cost management*1

Cost management

Image log control feature*1

Flow management feature*1

Device license*1

Basic scan & connect

Mobile user license*2

Basic print feature

Log management feature

User management feature

Device management feature

  • *1: Optional
  • *2: Separate user licenses are required for 11 or more users.

Flexible system configurations to meet IT needs / Adapting to customer requirements

Supports "all-in-one", "redundant", and "distributed" configurations

ApeosWare Management Suite 2 can be configured as a system adapting to the IT needs of customers. In an all-in-one configuration, high-level features are bundled onto a single server. It allows input and output of documents with a minimum of investment and contributes to resolving the various challenges the customers may face. In addition, Enterprise Edition supports redundant and distributed configurations to satisfy high-level system requirements.


  • Only Enterprise Edition
System configuration that adapts flexibly to the customer environment

ApeosWare Management Suite 2 manages network devices such as multifunction devices and printers, and the users of those devices, and is a software that comprehensively manages authentication, output, log accounting and document distribution.


ApeosWare Management Suite 2 server: Main features
  • Device Management
  • User Management
  • Cost Management
  • Print Management
  • Link Scan Settings with File Management Service
  • Image Log Control
  • Operating Mobile Device
  • Accounting report creation
  • Job Logs Management
  • Server Monitoring
  • Document Distribution by Flow
  • Updates Software


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