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Powerful prepress capabilities make it easy.

FreeFlow Makeready is a robust prepress tool that streamlines labor-intensive operations. Using "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) page programming, drag-and-drop document assembly, and late-stage editing features, it helps you prepare even the most complex documents for digital printing easily and efficiently. It gives you the ability to combine electronic and paper documents to create a unique file and print stream - and the flexibility to use FreeFlow Makeready with many industry-leading scanners.



FreeFlow Makeready is compatible with any TWAIN-compliant scanner. And if your print engine has an embedded scanner, you can bring jobs back into FreeFlow Makeready - or retrieve them from the print server. You can even automatically retrieve processed jobs from the print server or import existing Adobe® PDF files.



FreeFlow Makeready's WYSIWYG interface lets you preview your PDFs on-screen before you print a page. Integrated Adobe® image-editing capabilities let you handle late-stage edit requests quickly and easily.
Prepress features such as an "Electronic Light Table" ensure page-to-page and front-to-back registration accuracy, saving you time and preventing costly errors when going to print. You can easily combine hardcopy and electronic documents; add, delete, or move and rotate pages; and add tabs and tab annotations (including automated tab creation using the bookmarks already within your PDF).

Wide selection of printers. One consistent workflow. FreeFlow Makeready supports windows printing and enables WYSIWYG print submission to FUJIFILM Business Innovation digital colour and monochrome printers, featuring the widest selection in the industry. You can even save job tickets to unify job submission for your FUJIFILM Business Innovation printers, simplifying your reprint processes.



Streamline your workflow with FreeFlow Makeready.

Screen of FreeFlow Makeready

[A] Accept a wide range of industry-standard file types
Accept a wide range of industry-standard file types, including Adobe® PostScript®, PDF, EPS, TIFF, JPEG, and more. Achieve real productivity in a true PDF workflow with extensive document editing and production make-ready tools. Advanced tools support mixed page sizes and stocks, and honor original PDF properties.

[B] See the effects of your job setup before you print.
FreeFlow Makeready packages document prepress activities into one simple, intuitive WYSIWYG interface to help reduce errors, save time, streamline processes, simplify proofing, and make job programming easy.

[C] Create tabs easily with automatic tab annotation.
Productivity and accuracy greatly increase as tab programming processes are nearly eliminated.



With drag-and-drop functionality, FreeFlow Makeready offers document-editing capabilities that save time: automatic tabs with tab annotation, simple personalisation, and added document security with Specialty Imaging Text effects. It provides your operators with the tools they need to tackle every job, including the most complex.

  • Add basic variable content and add value to your documents with the easy-to-use merge and labeling utility. Boost profits with high-value, personalised, and versioned documents created with ease.
  • Add more security to your documents while providing increased creativity using Specialty Imaging Text effects, including:
    - GlossMark®: visible only as a gloss under inclined illumination
    - Correlation Mark: requires a "decoder" transparency to view
    - MicroText Mark: can only be seen with magnification; blurs when reproduced
  • Edit your print jobs more easily. You can delete, move, and duplicate document pages; add blank pages; or even combine scanned and electronic pages.
  • Edit PDF pages. Add watermarks, page numbers, headers, and footers. You can also edit images within a PDF page - including image enhancements such as sharpening, rotating, and cropping.

Fewer touches. Greater productivity. The FreeFlow Digital Workflow Collection can help you automate to save time and reduce costs for every job - from point of entry to final delivery. Whether you use one of these products or integrate several to meet your specific workflow needs, FreeFlow solutions help you connect with your customers, reduce costs, and enable new applications.

Jobs can also be prepared with our document preparation software, which allows you to view and prepare jobs for printing - FreeFlow Express to Print uses templates for ease and simplicity while FreeFlow Makeready puts advanced capabilities at your fingertips.

Finally, the FreeFlow Print Server RIPs the jobs, providing timesaving efficiency, excellent image quality, and benchmark security.

Looking to gain a competitive edge? Use the FreeFlow Variable Information Suite to add personalisation and cost-effective security features to your documents, while optimising throughput speed and efficiency.

The bottom line? Whether you use one of these products or integrate several to meet your specific workflow needs, you can connect with your customers, reduce costs, and enable new applications.


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