Scan Translation Service

Machine Translation Cloud Service Linked with Multifunction Devices

Scan Translation Service


Scan Translation Service helps overcome language barriers.

Our Scan Translation Service - which translates paper and electronic documents into different languages via FUJIFILM Business Innovation multifunction devices or our Cloud website - is used worldwide. In addition to facilitating communication, companies also employ it to improve business efficiency.

Make translation as easy as copying.

  • Note: Translation time varies depending on document content and network status.
I want to translate electronic documents.

Upload a document using a web browser or DocuWorks Desk. Scan Translation Service translates it into the same file format as the original. You can download the translation from the URL received via email.

I want to translate paper documents.

Just scan documents on a multifunction device. Scan Translation Service translates the documents while maintaining the same layout. You can obtain the finished translation on a multifunction device or from a web browser.

How does it handle high-volume, documents?

Reading foreign language documents is troublesome. It takes too long to get the gist of content as other duties pile up.

Speedy translation for improved work efficiency

Scan Translation Service translates documents quickly in batches on a multifunction device or PC. Less time translating means more time for other projects.

How do you communicate easily with overseas partners?

Scan Translation Service can translate meeting documents into multiple languages. This facilitates productive discussions and information sharing among attendees from overseas branches.

Easily create multilingual documents

Scan Translation Service supports eight languages, allowing easy creation of documents in multiple languages. This helps translation and facilitates communication in international meetings. If participants can read documents in their native language, decision making is fast and smooth.

Main Features

Maintain the same layout for easy reference.

Maintain the same layout for easy reference.

With Scan Translation Service, text is translated into different languages, but figures, images and layouts remain the same, making it easier to understand content. This service uses translation to facilitate communication between different languages.

Three translation display options

Original Text (English) Original Text (English)

Text Translation (Replace original) Text Translation (Replace original)

Text Translation (Ruby) Text Translation (Ruby)

Word Translation (Ruby) Word Translation (Ruby)

Three options are available for displaying translation results. Some show translations with the original text, making it easier to share information among people from different countries.

Text Translation (Replace original)
Translated text replaces the original text.
Text Translation (Ruby)
Translated text appears in small letters above the original text.
Word Translation (Ruby)
Translations appear in small words above the original text.
  • Note: Word translation is available only for Japanese-English documents.

Supports eight languages

Supports eight languages

Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Malay translations are supported in addition to Japanese, English and Thai. For Japanese-English translations, specialized dictionaries and custom user dictionaries are available, which help improve translation accuracy.

  • Note: Thai to Japanese/English translation may be limited.
  • Note: This is a machine translation service, the accuracy of which may be limited. Translation accuracy can be improved by adding words to the custom user dictionaries.
    (User dictionaries are available only for Japanese-English translations.)

Collaboration with DocuWorks

Collaboration with DocuWorks and Working Folder

Translation can be performed by a simple drag-and-drop operation from DocuWorks Desk.*1

  • *1: Requires DocuWorks and DocuWorks Extended Folder for Scan Translation Service.



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