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VNC Series Collaborative Device

The VNC Series collaborative device is integrated 4K optical full-laminated panel and infrared touch technology (IR touch) and consist of excellent touch accuracy with the 178° super wide viewing angle, allowing the communication meeting to be more effective and productivity.

This All-in-One integrated interactive display can consolidate all your traditional devices in your meeting function products such as projector, webcam, microphone, whiteboard and many more.  It can provide wireless connection, remote real-time collaboration, smooth meeting processes and allowing effective team discussion. 
It has the features of the following below:


Built in Camera Lens

Built in full HD face-to-face camera with 4K and 2K resolution that provide high picture quality

UCD microphone

Array Microphone

Range up to 8 Meter that can cope with noise reduction and noise cancellation features

optical bonding

Optical Bonding Technology

Effective prevent reflection and reduce parallax, provide an excellent visual and touch experience; strengthen the surface resistance to pressure and improve durability and safety 

superior touch

IR Touch Technology 

Infrared touch technology that provides an excellent multi touch response and brings smooth and intuitive operation experience 


Annotation Notes

Built in digital whiteboard to annotate during discussion 

UCD support system

Support with Windows / Mac / iOS / Android

No matter which device you use, it is compatible with multiple system for easy operation

UCD cooperation


Powerful support for office application such as file sharing and remote meetings 



Built in 2K lens, array microphone and speaker with the collaborative device that replaces the traditional single conference function products and no need any additional set ups such as projector, external microphone, speaker and microphone. 

The array microphones have a sound range of up to 8 meters which collect sound signals in a wide range of spaces and eliminating echo and noise. The VNC series display comes with a built-in speaker system that presents clear and stable audio effects. 

Newline VNC series is equipped with a 1080p full HD resolution face to face lens that is suitable for small and medium size meeting room. 


Infrared touch technology provides an excellent touch accuracy and high sensitivity that can be touch with any object and providing intuitive and smooth operating experience.

Supports up to 20 touch points
Edit and annotate tool on the display screen


Now, you do not need any classic whiteboard with markers and dusters. Our VNC series brings the old practice into the future of technology where it makes your discussion and interaction easier and better. It can support simultaneous writing and built in features that can insert chart, figures, icons and medias (videos, files, pictures, search engine and many more).   Nevertheless, you can directly have file sharing to your mobile phone or sending it to your email or other applications if required. 

Digital whiteboard


With user experience as the core design, when using the “Edit and Annotate” tool, you can use smart gesture-five fingers to erase the written contents. This intuitive operation mode makes it as simple as drawing on a digital canvas.

 Newline UCD screen screen

High Optical Clarity

Optical bonding technology eliminates the internal reflection created by a cover glass, creating a single index of refraction instead. Eliminating the internal reflection means that the brightness can be improved, and the image can be crisp and detailed, with increased contrast and a reduction in glare.

Optical clarity

Achieving zero air gap and zero contamination of moisture and dust

Optical bonding achieves accurate visuals due to the zero-air gap between the panel. It also to increase the sensitivity of the touch panel that makes your writing feels as smooth as writing on the paper with zero offset. The optical bonding protects the display screen from moisture and dust, particularly when in humid environments because condensation cannot form between the display and the cover glass.

zero air gap


178° Ultra-Viewing Angle

Optical bonding technology provides image clarity even with 178° viewing angle.


Effectively block 80% of harmful blue light

The Newline UCD VNC series uses a special blue light filter coating and chipset that can effectively block 80% of harmful blue light, while maintaining the color and clarity of image and reducing burden of eye fatigue and photophobia caused by blue light.

special blue light filter

Quadro-View Support

Now you can bring your own devices such as computer, tablets and smart phones to present and project wirelessly with the VNC series by sharing your images or presentation slides through wireless projection. Maximum of 4 devices can be projected at the same time in real time that provides an easy and instant interaction. It can support Window/Mac/iOS/Android devices.  

screen share

Two-way control in real time interaction

When using a computer (Windows & Mac) for wireless projection can be controlled through the VNC series to achieve two-way control and real time discussion flexibility.

The VNC series comes with built in Android 8.0 operating system that operates with office suite, file commander, business calendar, aqua mail application, voting applications, sign in register applications and web browser.

With the OPS module, the PTC series can be supported with Windows 10 operation system and equipped with Intel® Core™ i5 or i7. It can be  integrated with your Windows system database. 


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