DocuCentre-V 7080 / 6080

Fujifilm Printer DocuCentre-V--6080/7080

This page includes Fuji Xerox product(s), licensed from Xerox Corporation.
The distributor of the product(s) is FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corp.


High productivity and outstanding durability for maximum value. A monochrome multifunction device equipped with a top-tier engine.


  • High-speed processing of 75 pages/minute*1 for copying and printing
  • High-speed scanning of 100 ppm*2 for simplex and 200 ppm*2 for duplex, for both colour and monochrome originals
  • Superior durability enables long hours of stable, continuous printing of up to 8600 sheets
  • Finisher can be attached to provide a wide range of finishing options
  • Operation screens can be simplified and made easier than ever to navigate by installing a free optional software application - EasyUI Solution 2
  • Utilising "Custom Menu" allows individual user to place only buttons for functions he/she uses frequently, on the menu screen
  • Scanning is now much simpler with the automatic recognition of both the orientation and number of printed sides of the original document

  • *1A4 landscape. With DocuCentre-V 7080. 65 ppm with DocuCentre-V 6080
  • *2For FUJIFILM Business Innovation standard document (A4 landscape) saved in a Folder at 200 dpi


  • More powerful, more user friendly. Handling large-volume output with ease
  • Easy fingertip control
  • Simpler operations
  • Printable from any machine on demand
  • Print in different environments
  • Authentication management based on registered user information
  • Conversion to editable Word and Excel® files
  • Save/print using a USB memory
  • Leverage of timely information with paperless fax
  • Reduced communication costs compared to regular phone lines
  • Dependability to ensure error-free faxing
  • Offering further finishing outputs including "Z Fold Half sheet" and "Tri-fold" with the new C3 finisher
  • Smart energy saving
  • Visualise eco-friendly operation


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DocuCentre-V 7080 / 6080

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Fujifilm Printer DocuCentre-V--6080/7080