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Welcome to Fujifilm Business Innovation. We never stop innovating our multifunction printers and workplace solutions to serve as your gateway to digital transformation - making your business speedier, and information accessible.

Experience breakthrough capabilities powered by our 3 intelligences:

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From paper and digital content management to workflow automation tools, we support you in data-informed decision-making - so you can build an effect IT strategy that drives digital transformation.

Human Intelligence

From our digital transformation pre-assessment to our prognostic IT support, we're committed to being the trusted strategic partner you need to create greater business and customer value.

Machine Intelligence

From predicting future device performance to preventive maintenance, our smart machines keep your document management infrastructure running smoothly and efficiently.

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Introducing Revoria – our new series of production printing solutions designed to spearhead a revolution in production printing. With advanced print quality, productivity and finishing processes, they support you in creating unprecedented value to accelerate your business success.

Digital Transformation Singapore

Revoria Press PC 1120

Enhanced quality, expanded color spectrum.

Key features:

  • An industry-first-6-color engine model that expands the color spectrum available for printing, including metallic colours
  • AI photo quality optimisation - automatically refining sharpness, contrast, brightness and texture
  • Automatic pink layer separation to improve the reproduction of skin tone
  • Static elimination technology will improve the media handling for film and metallic into the copy
  • Air suction feeder that prevents misfeeds, paper jam and improve print accuracy

Revoria Press E1 Series

High speed and quality at mass quantity.

Key features:

  • High resolution printing at 2400x2400 dpi
  • High performance print server that allows for higher processing speed of up to 136 ppm
  • Full line-up of superior finishing options
  • Air suction feeder that prevents misfeeds, paper jam and improve print accuracy

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Explore different ways Fujifilm Business Innovation solutions work in tandem with our machine intelligence to power your everyday innovation - anytime, anywhere.

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