FUJIFILM Business Innovation

  • Built for Today's Hybrid World

  • Our way of working has evolved. Today's workspaces must allow teams to work from anywhere. Work:Sphere enables you to create a collaboration environment that is as immersive virtually as it is in-person. From home offices to conference rooms, keep your team and customers engaged, wherever they are.

Seamlessly Connected

Bring spaces, people, and knowledge together using technology that bridges the gap between in-office and virtual meetings.

Effective Work Collaboration

Make meetings more engaging with an array of cutting-edge audio and video components, paired with collaboration software for real-time connectivity.

Integrated End-to-End Services

We offer comprehensive consultation, customer support, and technical expertise that go beyond your business needs.

Work:Sphere is more than meeting spaces. We build holistic digital workplaces that unify communications, improve customer experience, and increase employee participation.

Discover our Workplace Solutions

Discover our Workplace Products

  • For offices of any size and nature, our products and solutions have you covered. We are a trusted partner with 50 years of experience supporting business communications, and empowering organisations over the years. FUJIFILM Business Innovation enables people and businesses with a comprehensive portfolio of technology solutions.

Experience seamless connectivity with our suite of collaboration technology. Learn more about Work:Sphere.