Apeos Series Not Just a Copier

Fujifilm Webinar 2022

Apeos Series Not Just a Copier

Next Step in Digital Transformation Webinar by FUJIFILM Business Innovation: Apeos Series Not Just a Copier

10.00 - 11:00 am. on Tuesday 17 May 2022


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In present, paperless office is an interesting trend, for both small businesses to hug enterprises, also in the government sectors.

Many paper documents were converted into digital files for a number of benefits, such as office space management, easier to search and browse, forward, and eliminate. Which all of these lead to business enormous cost saving. But converting a huge amount of paper documents into digital files could take days, or weeks. This might delay your other important project ahead.

In this Webinar, you will find new tactics and knowhows of a fast and easy way to scan your paper documents into digital files. Which you can start doing it right away after the session to boost your work productivity and ready for the next step in digital transformation.


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