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DC S2110

This page includes Fuji Xerox product(s), licensed from Xerox Corporation.
The distributor of the product(s) is FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corp.


A "small" device offering "simple" and "smart" advantages

Small in size yet BIG in performance
Easy to use & simple to set-up

The DocuCentre S2110 provides smart features that offer convenience & efficiency for public offices, hotels, travel agencies, banks and more.

  • Smart: Convenient features
  • Simple: Easy installation and operation
  • Small: Space-saving yet able to handle A3 paper size


The DocuCentre S2110 is designed to be environmentally & workplace friendly. The device is equipped with technology that minimises ultrafine particle (UFP*1 ) emissions.
*1 UFPs are less than 100 nanometres in diameter, and far smaller than PM2.5 dust particles.

ID Card Copying

Are you taking time trying to neatly align ID and name cards etc. when copying? No problem for the DocuCentre S2110! Even if cards are placed slightly askew, the DocuCentre S2110 will take care of this by automatically straightening & centering everything.

Be it for copying corporate ID cards, driver licences, social security cards or credit cards, the DocuCentre S2110 makes double sided card copying simple.

  • Simple Card Mode

Feature_Single Card Mode

  • Multiple Mode

Align and prints multiple cards

 Feature_Multiple mode_align n print

Cards & different sized IDs (e.g. passports) can also be copied at the same time.

Feature_Multiple mode_cards n others

Network Colour Scanning*1

In addition to network printing, users can also perform colour scanning directly from a PC. Just place the document on the DocuCentre S2110 and scan.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation provides gratis "Print & Scan Hub" software which enables users to select from PDF/JPEG/PNG scan formats.

Feature_Network colour scanning

Smart Print-sort Function

Why sort & collate multiple prints of the same document by hand? Let the DocuCentre S2110 sort multiple prints of documents for you!

Feature_Smart Print-sort functionSorted & ready to take from the centre tray



*1 When this menu "Return from Sleep Mode by Any Key" is set valid


Power Saver

The DocuCentre S2110 automatically switches to Sleep Mode when not used for a certain period of time. The machine "wakes up" when any button is pressed on the control panel.

 Quick Setup*1

Quick Setup Tool makes setting up a PC to use the DocuCentre S2110 hassle-free. Quick Setup comes with the machine, and installs the printer driver, scanner driver and "Print & Scan Hub" software with simple procedures.

Control Panel

The DocuCentre S2110 features a simple user interface that walks you through step–by–step to what you need.

Feature_Control panel

*1 Quick Setup does not install TWAIN software for scanning which must be separately installed.

Space Saver

The DocuCentre S2110 automatically switches to Sleep Mode when not used for a certain period of time. The machine "wakes up" when any button is pressed on the control panel.

Feature_Space saver

On a desk or on the floor. Choose the location that's best suits you.



Copy/Print speed: B/W 21 ppm
Free registration ID copy
Multi-ID copy (8Cards per sheet)
Network Pull Colour Scan feature
Mobil UI (SC DADF Model Only)


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