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The FinalCode offers the persistent way to secure sensitive document wherever they go.

The Challenge

Companies face the monumental challenge of establishing strong and persistent data protection to ensure sensitive corporate information remains protected on devices, content management systems, cloud storage, and collaboration channels. Data leakage, reputation, compliance, and liability risks are amplified by many factors that fall outside an IT organisation’s oversight: Shadow IT, email, mobile devices, and much more. Plus, with robust internet connections available worldwide, it is common for many businesses to collaborate and share screens on various devices, regardless of time or place.

 83%  84%  90%
83% customers experienced a Document data leakage incident

84% customers Lack confidence in Document security controls

90% customers cannot retain persistent control over documents shared with external parties

Our Solution

FinalCode makes implementing enterprise-grade Document encryption and granular usage control functionality easy, whether it is a SaaS or on-premise virtual appliance offering. The patented approach preserves user workflows, and Document storage and collaboration platform investments, while also protecting Documents across communication channels such as: trusted, untrusted, private or public.

Easy, Powerful, Scalable and Cost-Effective

With FinalCode, your employees can share sensitive Documents internally and externally with confidence, knowing that unauthorized recipients will not have access. This platform provides effective Document security in a host of ways:



Readily works with popular applications, devices, Document storage, enterprise or cloud-based content management systems across multiple communication channels.



Comprehensive auditing, pattern tracking, notification, and governance across the Document usage lifecycle with the means to modify policy settings on-demand or via recipient request.


Rapid Deployment

Lightweight and efficient software client, automated onboarding, extensive directory and infrastructure interoperability, and scalable SaaS or on-premise virtual appliance.



Granular Document permission and protection settings by owner or through enterprise policy templates: authorized users, duration, open, copy, paste, edit, save, share, print, screen capture, revoke, and remote delete.



AES-256 encryption, standards-based key management, secure key server, global user access management systems, and persistent protection with application whitelisting and remote Document detection.

How FinalCode Works

For any Document an enterprise user would like to share on PC, mobile, MFD, or any other device with access to sensitive Documents, FinalCode quickly encrypts the source Document and sets Document permissions for each authorised recipient. Permissions can be set manually by the Document owner or automatically according to pre-defined enterprise policy.
Once FinalCode has encrypted the Document locally, the Document owner can readily share the encrypted Document directly with the intended recipient(s), via any communication channel (trusted or untrusted, private or public) that the user would like to use.
Upon receiving the Document and opening it, FinalCode installed on the recipient’s device, whether it be mobile, PC or MFD, verifies permissions and securely imports the required Document encryption key. FinalCode then locally decrypts the Document and enforces the preset permissions by controlling the recipient’s native Document application, operating system, and relevant drivers.
If an unauthorized recipient tries to open the Document on their chosen device, FinalCode will deny decryption and log the details, allowing the user to modify recipients and permissions. Finally, if the Document owner decides to remotely delete the Document, FinalCode will revoke all permissions, block any decryption attempts, and send a Document Delete command to any user device that attempts to open it.

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