Light Cost Management Plus (LCM plus)


Light Cost Management Plus: LCM plus

Solution package of FUJIFILM Business Innovation popular software and services which easily control and allocate office equipment costs at anywhere anytime on cloud with convenience and security printing by linking to FUJIFILM Business Innovation Multifunction device. Light Cost Management Plus (LCM Plus) is composed of:

Device Log Service

Service that you can view device usage via a web browser. Simply and easy-to-use operation screen with accounting results, represented in table and chart form and also be printed. You can manage expense on individual user or department basis.

Cloud On-Demand Print

Cloud service to enhance wireless printing at any location that you can order print to FUJIFILM Business Innovation cloud via web browser or mobile application and receive outcome at FUJIFILM Business Innovation Multifunction Devices by using secured password via internet at location without LAN environment and server maintenance cost.

Electronic Partnership Broadband (EP-BB Service)

e-after service enhancing multifunction device maintenance with alert auto-sending by pro-active monitoring and create "Green Report" monthly multifunction device usage report that can save office cost and make employee more conscious of "green".