FUJIFILM Business Innovation Initiatives for Global Environmental

Fuji Xerox Initiatives for Global Environmental

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Initiatives for Global Environmental

Contribution to a recycling-oriented society

In order to reduce environmental impact on the planet, FUJIFILM Business Innovation has established an Integrated Recycling System that takes the entire product lifecycle into consideration and is aimed at reusing parts from used products and achieving zero landfill.

Initiatives in Japan

In 1995, FUJIFILM Business Innovation built a recycling line to produce products using reused parts at the Ebina Center. Used products recovered from customers are disassembled and cleaned at the plant, and the parts from those machines go through a series of recycling processes, including screening, repair and inspection. Only those parts that conform to rigorous quality standards are then sent to the production line. Products assembled using reused parts must pass the same strict inspections as new products, and then they start their lives anew. Parts that cannot be reused are classified by materials so that they became Japan’s first company to achieve zero landfill for used products. In FY2003, as a result of these efforts, the recycling activities moved into the black in terms of environmental accounting, successfully maintaining the sustainability of the Integrated Recycling System. In fiscal year 2005, the recycling line was transferred to Suzuka FUJIFILM Business Innovation Co.,Ltd., where we aim to further improve the reuse for parts.

Initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region

In the Asia-Pacific region, for which we are responsible, FUJIFILM Business Innovation built an International Integrated Recycling System in 2004 to assume the responsibility for reducing environmental impact in the region and achieving zero landfill at the same level as in Japan. FUJIFILM Business Innovation recovers used products from nine Asia-Pacific countries and regions and sends them to the integrated recycling center that we established in Thailand, named Fuji Eco-Manufacturing (FXEM). Cartridges are disassembled there into parts, and only parts that meet FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s strict quality standards are reused. Recycled cartridges delivered to customers are at the same quality level as brand-new ones. FUJIFILM Business Innovation works with our recycling partners to recycle products and parts that cannot be reused, thus aiming to achieve zero landfill.