Fujifilm Webinar 2022

Work Productively with Digital Workflow on Low-Code Platform

Work Productively with Digital Workflow on Low-Code Platform 

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Many companies are still facing the problem of not knowing how to digitalize their organization. May be, because they lack tech-savvy people. This makes the implementation of new technology in every parts of the organization extremely difficult and challenging, especially in small and medium businesses.

These things need to be disappeared, because right now, there is a Low-Code Platform that was designed to help business employees who lack of programming knowledge to create their own Digital Workflows, making it more efficient and faster through Digital Transformation.

In this Webinar, you will to be introduced to an example of converting work processes to digital in many various tasks. For example, document approval, production line monitoring through document status, leads management in Sales Department, summary and product storage management, order requests, and auto-generated monthly summary reports which can easily be used in order to coordinate between subordinate branches and head quarter office, or employees who work outside the office or from home that they can access the data conveniently. With the better collaboration, it leads to faster operation, and eventually, profitability and sustainability.

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