Document Outsourcing Services (DOS)

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Various types of documents are used in day-to-day business activities, such as sales and marketing collaterals, proposals, product documentation and manual, transactional documents. These documents consist of valuable information essential to the business, and have direct impact towards improving sales and customer satisfaction. 

In today's business, the need for document related activities are causing you to spend up to 15% of your annual expenditure. Are you aware that you are challenged by the complexity of today’s market, combined with the need to reduce cost and increase efficiency? Are you looking for ways to reduce costs and deliver sustained savings and at the same time, increase satisfaction among users?

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Document Outsourcing Services (DOS) provide various solutions such as digitisation, indexing, storage and analysis to reduce processing time and shorten time to the market and decision making. We also provide end-to-end document processes enabling effective customer communication, from design, editing, printing and distribution.


Communication and Marketing Services (CMS) provides a unique integrated approach to help organisations efficiently manage all print-related infrastructure and processes. From internal print room, external print procurement, creative studio, digital asset management, local area marketing, to warehouse, point-of-sale and other managed services.
Creative Services is the first step in the CMS value chain. Before any kind of communication, be it print or digital, can be produced or delivered, it has to be created first. FUJIFILM Business Innovation helps CMOs and their marketing departments improve the quality, efficiency, reliability and value of their creative services spend through a fully customised FX-managed in-house studio. 
Enterprise Print Sourcing (ePS) analyses business’ print spend and work flow processes, then designs solutions through change management practices to deliver real cost savings. Not only can the results be proven, demonstrating a real value to the bottom line, but also through the combination of other services, we offer ways to improve quality, manage brand compliance, control digital artwork assets, service agents, manage warehouse, and reduce other print-related costs.  

Local Area Marketing (LAM) caters to the marketing needs of organisations with a distributed channel network (dealers, franchisees, agents, etc.) by enabling them to find the balance between centralised control and empowerment for local marketers by providing:

  • Technology capability (Brand Portal)
  • Professional Services (Design and Advisory)

Using FUJIFILM Business Innovation LAM service, clients can execute brand compliant and locally relevant campaigns across a variety of channels.

  • Print
  • Email
  • POS Material
  • Landing Page
Digital Asset Management is a web-based software which allows you to regain control of their digital assets, securely share and distribute with divisions and partners in whichever region they choose, using the latest approved version of an artwork file, Digital Marketing, video and audio files. The system may be used as a photographic asset library and a way to manage brand standards. Copyright and Intellectual Property can be costly to a company if mismanaged, and Digital Asset Management gives you total control over how an item can be shared and used, locking off at a brand, region, agent, branch, or even at user level. 

Digital Marketing Services delivers revenue growth to clients through the optimised use of digital strategies, technologies and channels throughout each phase of the customer life cycle. We consult and support you to:

  • Understand and engage your customers by means of sophisticated communication strategies and marketing technology.
  • Strengthen customer engagement via accountable performance-based initiatives that allow you to allocate spending where you can get the best results.
  • Build strong user-centric Customer Experiences (CX) by harnessing digital innovation.

Print Center Services provides onsite Managed Print Centers, for high quality, quick turn-around, Print On-demand and Publication Work, which includes:

  • Professionally printed and bound documents in various sizes.
  • Capabilities customised to meet individual client needs, such as wide format and imposition.
  • Online job submission, quote, proof, job status updates and management information.
  • Access to optional additional services such as off-set print procurement, off-site hub, document composition and integrated links to other DOS offerings.

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