Use Genuine Toner

Genuine toner

Genuine Toner

Ingenuine toner threatens more than just image quality. Let us explore the impact of using ingenuine toner and how to determine ingenuine toner.

Only Genuine FUJIFILM Business Innovation Solid Ink delivers solid performance

Some manufacturers claim their supplies are comparable to FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s. But they can’t offer the integrated design and strict quality control of Genuine FUJIFILM Business Innovation consumables. FUJIFILM Business Innovation testing discovered that third-party solid ink is likely to cause a number of unacceptable outcomes, highlighted by the following image-quality comparison.

Genuine FUJIFILM Business Innovation toner ensures device stability

If you choose ungenuine toner for short-term savings, you also put your FUJIFILM Business Innovation devices at risk of a drastic increase in its total cost of ownership, due to frequent replacement of defective toner cartridge as well as productivity lost as the result of device downtime.

Genuine FUJIFILM Business Innovation is safe and eco-friendly

FUJIFILM Business Innovation toner is manufactured according to stringent health, safety and environmental standard. By contrast, there is no guaranty for these above-mentioned aspects for ingenuine toner.


Genuine toner verification

In order to verify genuine toner, please scratch off the bar in anti-counterfeit stamp and send SMS follow the syntax CHG_FX_code and send to 8077

*Note: fee is 1,000 VND/Message