Server-less On-Demand Print

Trang này bao gồm (các) sản phẩm của Fuji Xerox được Xerox Corporation cấp phép. 
Nhà phân phối (các) sản phẩm là FUJIFLIM Business Innovation Corp.


Server-less On-Demand Print manages and connects multiple devices in a breeze, without the need to install any server software.

The Server-less On-Demand Print function allows you to send a print job from your PC to a multifunction device, and then alternatively release the print job from another multifunction device that is connected to the multifunction device (upon successful authentication). With the flexibility to connect up to five multifunction devices, this print function helps to improve work productivity and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Additional installation is required to effectively implement this print function to your multifunction device.



Supported Models
  • ApeosPort-V 4070/3070
  • DocuCentre-V 4070/3070
  • ApeosPort-V 7080/6080/5080
  • DocuCentre-V 7080/6080/5080
  • ApeosPort-V C3320
  • DocuPrint CM415 AP
  • ApeosPort-V 4020
  • DocuPrint M465 AP
  • Versant 80 Press
  • ApeosPort-V C7775/C6675/C5575/C4475/C3375/C2275
  • DocuCentre-V C7775/C6675/C5575/C4475/C3375/C2275
  • ApeosPort-V C7780/C6680/C5580
  • DocuCentre-V C7780/C6680/C5580 ApeosPortC7776/C6676/C5576/C4476/C3376/C2276
  • DocuCentre-V C7776/C6676/C5576/C4476/C3376/C2276
  • ApeosPort-V C7785/C6685/C5585
  • DocuCentre-V C7785/C6685/C5585
  • DocuCentre-V C2265/C2263
  • ApeosPort-V 3065/3060/2060
  • DocuCentre-V 3065/3060/2060
  • ApeosPort-IV C5575/C4475/C3375/C3373/C2275
  • DocuCentre-IV C5575/C4475/C3375/C3373/C2275
  • ApeosPort-IV 7080/6080
  • DocuCentre-IV 7080/6080
  • DocuCentre-IV C2265/C2263
  • DocuCentre-IV C2265N/C2263N
Supported Languages
  • English
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Korean
  • Thai
  • Japanese