Soar to new heights of print creativity with Revoria™.


A new dawn of print possibilities await. FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s revolutionary production printing solution, Revoria™, empowers you to experience the freedom to take your business to new heights.

The Revoria™ covers three vital areas of the print business:

  • Revoria Press™ – Dry Toner Production Printer
  • Revoria Flow™ – Print Server
  • Revoria One™ – Printing Workflow Software

The new Revoria™ Series by FUJIFILM Business Innovation is our commitment to delivering innovation that elevates the print industry. Welcome to the dawn of the next era in printing. Welcome to Revoria™.

The Dawn of Print's New Era

Revoria Press™ PC1120 Infinite Colour Possibilities

Ready to unlock endless opportunities and new revenue streams? With infinite colours, AI-powered productivity, and limitless application possibilities, you can expand your capabilities exponentially.

Infinite colours


Limitless capabilities

Unlock the power of infinite colours.

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Revoria Press™ E1-Series Enter the Monoverse

Transform the way you work with unparalleled monochrome printing capabilities. Build a monoverse where increased efficiency and extended application capabilities lead to greater productivity.

Flexible solutions portfolio

Supreme quality outputs

Integrated workflow solutions

Create the power of the monoverse.

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Unrivalled After Sales Support

  • Maximum performance — Automatic health checks ensure your FUJIFILM Business Innovation device performs at its optimum functionality at all times
  • Maximised uptime — Accelerated response with resolution and timely consumable replenishment to ensure smooth business operations
  • Increased productivity — Smart and proactive alerts mean less administrative time wasted on manual checking and consumable stock management

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