CEO Message

Aiming to strengthen connection between "Diagnosis" and "Treatment" as well as to accelerate development of new drugs, FUJIFILM RI Pharma Co., Ltd., which specializes in radiopharmaceuticals, and TOYAMA CHEMICAL CO., LTD., a company that has created numerous new drugs focusing on antibacterial drugs, merged to form FUJIFILM Toyama Chemical Co., Ltd., in October 2018.

Thanks to advances in science, we now know that the causes and pathologies of some diseases vary depending on the patient and chronological variation in each patient. The need for therapeutic drugs and therapies to treat diseases that cannot be handled with the existing ones is attracting attention in the field of medicine as ''Unmet medical needs". FUJIFILM Toyama Chemical is working in close collaboration with Fujifilm, which conducts research for new drugs and operates a medical system business, to provide "Optimal therapeutic drug and treatment based on more precise diagnosis" for each patient and meet diverse needs.

In the oncology field, we will endeavor to provide more effective treatments including armed antibodies, which combine antibodies and radioisotopes, and liposome preparation that selectively delivers drugs to cancer-affected areas employing our unique drug delivery technology. In the field of radiopharmaceuticals, we are utilizing “theranostics” (combination of therapy and diagnosis employing the same compound but having different isotopes that serve as markers) to develop new drugs as treatment to meet needs for diseases such as neuroendocrine tumors and pheochromocytoma.

In the field of central nervous system diseases, we hope to identify the connection between patients and pathologies with MRI and PET image analyses and biomarkers, and market therapeutic drugs through clinical development targeting patients for whom the drugs would be effective.

In addition, by providing therapies based on correct clinical practice that utilizes internal and external advanced technologies, we are endeavoring to enhance patients’ quality of life (QOL). Identifying patients for whom high therapeutic effects can be expected would mean not only more and more effective outcome and lower risk of side effects, but also avoidance in administrating unnecessary drugs and decrease in medical expenses of patients as well as the entire country.

Aiming to become a total solution company of diagnosis and treatment, we are striving to add new value to pharmaceuticals.

We ask for your support as we pursue these objectives.

President and Chief Operating Officer
Junji Okada