CEO Message

[Photo]Kazuo Shiraki President and CEO July 2018"

We have developed and manufactured high-quality products as a comprehensive reagent manufacturer that can respond to the research needs of forefront fields with the fervently desire of "be helpful to all researchers" since establishment. Today, we have three core businesses domains, Laboratory Chemicals, Specialty Chemicals and Clinical Diagnostic reagents based on our advanced technology, and we are responding to the many needs from academia, companies and medical fields.

By applying those technologies to the fields of academic research, industry and medical care and providing new products and services, we commit to the future of science and to be dedicated to create the source of happiness for all people. This is the philosophy of our corporate activities.

We have achieved steady growth with supports from our stakeholders as a “R&D company” that creates new products and technologies. Now, with utilizing the strengths of each business domains, we are working on various measures for continually striving to be the company has flexibility and speed to respond to environmental changes functionally.
Furthermore, in order to promote further contribution to society, we are striving to foster a clean corporate culture by thoroughly informing compliance. And we are establishing a comprehensive safety activities related to chemical substances management system, establishing a quality assurance management system, expanding the environmental ISO system.

With current business situations, we became a member of the FUJIFILM Group in April 2017.
Also, we changed the company name to “FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation” on April 1, 2018.

We will develop new products and technologies to commit to the future of science as well as continue actively further promote globalization, optimize business efficiency
As a core company of the FUJIFILM Group and the company engaged in forefront technologies, we will continue to make constant efforts.

We would like to express our deepest appreciations for your trust and support, and ask for your continued business.

Kazuo Shiraki
President and CEO
July 2018