CEO Message

Celebrating the 100th anniversary

[Photo]Koichi Yoshida President and CEO July 2022"

We have developed and manufactured high-quality products as a comprehensive reagent manufacturer that can respond to the research needs of forefront fields with the fervently desire of "be helpful to all researchers" since establishment. Today, we have three core businesses domains, Laboratory Chemicals, Specialty Chemicals and Clinical Diagnostic reagents based on our advanced technology, and we are responding to the many needs from academia, companies and medical fields.

The Fujifilm Group has positioned two businesses as its growth drivers: the healthcare business, which addresses the three domains of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment; and the highly functional materials business, which handles materials and resources used in a range of industrial fields. We have been promoting business activities as the core group company handling healthcare and highly functional materials businesses of the Fujifilm Group through proactive business expansion overseas, in addition to applying the rigorous R&D, manufacturing, and sales base that has been built up in Japan over many years.

In early June, FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation commemorated the 100th anniversary of our founding. Throughout the past two years, we’ve faced many challenges personally and professionally. The pandemic put a spotlight on the field of medical and life science research, and the importance of the work you, our trusted partners, do day in and day out. On this milestone, we look froward to how we can work together to advance science for the next 100 years. 

We will develop new products and technologies to commit to the future of science as well as continue actively further promote globalization, optimize business efficiency through DX .
As a core company of the FUJIFILM Group and the company engaged in forefront technologies, we will continue to make constant efforts.

We would like to express our deepest appreciations for your trust and support, and ask for your continued business.

Koichi Yoshida
President and CEO
July 2022