Our commitment

Group's Purpose

Giving our world more smiles

We bring diverse ideas, unique capabilities,
and extraordinary people together to change the world.

Wako Way

Since its establishment in 1922 with “spirits to help researchers,” We have been striving for contributing to scientific development through the provision of its laboratory chemicals.
We value four key aspects: to cherish long-established trust of relationships with researchers and customers, to have focus on improving the quality of our products and the attached services, to contribute to the advancements in science research,industries and medical, and to work conscientiously to sustain these commitments.
Wako Way is a new set of philosophy consisting of three elements based on our values. The three elements are: “Mission” that defines our role and responsibility in society, “Vision” to plan the company's future, and “Principles” to fulfill the Mission as well as to achieve the Vision.
We will endeavor to make further contributions to society through our continued growth by practicing the Wako Way.

Our Mission

With commitment to the future of science, our company is dedicated to create the source of happiness for all people.

Our Vision

To be a company that influences the advancement of science and provides inspiration to its customers around the world.

Our Principles

Always explore with an inquiring mind
Act based on forward-looking decision
Take on new challenges with passion