Quality Policy Statement

In keeping with the quality policy of the FUJIFILM Group, we aim to be a company that customers trust by providing the highest quality of products and services that meet customer requirements and by fulfilling our obligations to contribute to society.To this end, we comply with all laws and regulations while promoting business activities that respond to changes in the social environment.

  1. Customer Satisfaction
    We constantly monitor customer needs and market trends to have on hand a stable supply of products for customers to choose from.
    We also aim to improve customer satisfaction by sincerely and promptly responding to customer requests.
  2. Quality Assurance
    We promote product quality assurance by combining our quality management system with the knowledge and technology we have developed over many years.
  3. Compliance with Laws and Regulations, System Maintenance and Improvement
    As well as complying with laws and regulations, we will build a system that is adapted to the characteristics of our business based on the ISO requirements. We will ensure that these requirements are properly implemented, maintain the effectiveness of the system, and continually strive for improvements.