Business Fields

Fujifilm is involved in a wide range of business in the two fields of Imaging Solutions and Healthcare & Material Solutions through leveraging the expertise we have cultivated in photographic film. We aim to provide valuable products and services, and help to enhance the quality of life of people, as well as progress for society.

In the field of Imaging Solutions, we give form to a wide range of memories and events through film and photographs, and contribute to enrich emotional lives and stronger human connections.

[image] Photo Imaging
Photo Imaging 
[image] Optical Device & Electronic Imaging
Optical Device & Electronic Imaging

In the field of Healthcare & Material Solutions, we contribute to human health by addressing unmet medical needs and early discovery of ailments, while also working to address environmental issues such as resource recycling and climate change through the promotion of industrial efficiency and ICT adoption.

[image] Healthcare
[image] Highly Functional Materials
Highly Functional Materials
[image] Graphic Systems & Inkjets
Graphic Systems & Inkjets
[image] Recording Media
Recording Media