Offset printing has been under pressure for many years, with a constant drive to reduce costs and increase efficiencies to optimise competitiveness and maximise profits. Fujifilm has been a key player in this part of the industry for many years, and understands the pressures you face every day.

PLATESENSE – the smart way to manage your plate production

Our new PLATESENSE programme is set to revolutionise the world of pre-press. It comprises a growing number of initiatives to help you manage your plate production more efficiently, and ultimately reduce costs. At its heart, it is a programme to minimise the burden of plate production in whatever way possible, so that the costs and time involved in producing plates can be minimised and resources focused elsewhere.


Mix & match

You can, for example, just rent a new CTP device and agree a monthly payment plan. Or, if your plate production equipment is reaching the end of its life, you can invest in a completely new suite of high performance equipment, including a new workflow, financed to suit the needs of your business and cash flow.

Flexibility for the future

The PLATESENSE programme has also been built to be flexible over time. This means it is possible to change the programme as your business changes, subject to a new financing package.

Fujifilm as your partner

The other benefit of adopting PLATESENSE is the reassurance that Fujifilm will be your long term partner to offer support and guidance along the way. You will also be able to take advantage of Fujifilm’s other industry-leading technologies as your business evolves.