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Case StudySystem integrator M

The actual resolution performance of a lens cannot be learned by specification.
What is the key tool to recognize it clearly?


The system integrator M was selecting a lens based on the catalog specifications in accordance with requirements of the company’s inspection vision system. However, they felt frustrated by not being able to constantly provide the best lens because lenses with the same specification by different manufactures varied greatly in the resolution performance.


  • The system integrator M wants to propose the best lens but the actual resolution performance cannot be differentiated based only by specifications.
  • There is no method for comparing and evaluating lenses precisely and easily.

After utilizing “Lens Visualizer”, a lens resolution evaluation software

  • Differences in resolution performances among multiple lenses with similar specification are recognized clearly, thereby allowing an objective comparison.
  • FUJIFILM supported comparison and evaluation of lenses provide precise performances and realize proposals suitable for customers.

Issue 1: To provide the best lens for each customer.

Problem 1: The information on specifications is insufficient for selecting the best lens for each customer.

Issue 2: The system integrator M wants to compare the resolution performances of multiple lenses.

Problem 2: There is no method for easily comparing and evaluating the resolution performances of multiple lenses.

If lenses can be tried and compared in the vision system under development or operation, the possibility of selecting the best lens increases and the reliability to customers is improved. However, this method is not practical because performing it will interrupt the customer’s system under development or operation. The company M was looking for ways to visually compare and evaluate the resolution performances of multiple lenses with the same specification, in the same manner as the trial.

The keys to solving these issues were...
a definite criterion of lens evaluation and objective comparison of similar products.

Solution of Issue 1: “Lens Visualizer” facilitates precise evaluation of performance

Generally, the design concept of the lens manufacturer reflects on lens performance and each lens has each value of the working distance and aperture to maximize its performance. Meanwhile, the resolution performance decreases under conditions other than the above. In addition, the resolution performance of the central part differs from that of the peripheral part. However, the fact is that resolution performance cannot be recognized only by the lenses’ specifications.
The “Lens Visualizer,” the lens resolution evaluation software developed by FUJIFILM, displays the high and low-resolution areas in red and blue, respectively, within the shooting area, thereby allowing anyone to recognize the degree and distribution of resolution easily. After observing FUJIFILM’s demonstrated evaluation of several lenses by “Lens Visualizer” at the exhibition event, the contact personnel of the company M willingly said, “The evaluation of resolution using this software in accordance with customers’ conditions will allow us to confidently propose lenses to customers in wide industries with various inspection items.”

Solution of Issue 2: The comparison and evaluation supported by FUJIFILM help the best proposal

At the later date, the contact personnel of the company M asked FUJIFILM to compare the resolution performances of several candidate lenses by several manufacturers, including the FUJINON machine vision lens with “4D High Resolution performance” by means of “Lens Visualizer.” The company M aimed to make better proposals to customers by recognizing the true performance of lenses that cannot be learned from specifications. “Obtaining the support of FUJIFILM allows the expansion of our business,” the company M stated with expectation.
Moreover, regarding the FUJINON machine vision lens with “4D High Resolution performance,” through evaluation by “Lens Visualizer,” the company M realized that the area from the center of the screen to the peripheral area was displayed in red, indicating uniformity in resolution performance even if the working distance or aperture was changed. The contact personnel of company M said, “Adopting FUJINON lens with ‘4D High Resolution performance,’ the uniform resolution in the screen can be recognized at first glance regardless of shooting conditions, and thus our reliability was improved more.”

FUJIFILM’s unique technology solves issues
Support by “Lens Visualizer,” a lens resolution evaluation software program

  • * “Lens Visualizer” is not lent or provided at present If you want to use it, please contact our lens agency or us directly.
  • * This story was arranged based on actual facts.