Dye-sublimation Printer


High durability and compact dye-sublimation printer ASK-400 opens up new on-site photo business possibilities.


With many great features, this printer is the key to success for your on-site photo business.

  • Compact Size
    170mm high, foot print 0.1m2
  • High Speed
    8.4 sec (Standard 4”× 6”)
  • High Durability
    200,000 prints (Standard 4”× 6”)
  • Sticker Printing

Standard Print

Sticker Print

Value-added Sticker printing is suitable for images shot by smartphone. 

Sticker printing

Put stickers on any suitable surface after peeling off the backing.

A variety of functions for smooth operation

Compact Size

This compactly 170 mm-high printer can be installed in an area equivalent 0.1 m2 with minimal interference.

Easy Operation

Easily replace paper and ink ribbon by pulling out printer front panel.

Dust-Free Design

A separator creates different passages of air for the thermal head and power supply. The high air pressure in the printer prevents dust from entering.

Energy Saving Design

Consuming only 0.5W or less in sleep mode, the ASK-400 saves energy and lowers your costs.