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July 20, 2021

Bluejet becomes first Polish printer to invest in an Onset X3 HS dual robot solution from Fujifilm  

One of Poland’s largest producers of comprehensive branding solutions is expanding its product portfolio with the industry’s leading platform for high quality, high productivity large format print 

Based in Gdańsk on the Baltic coast of Poland, Bluejet has been a manufacturer of high quality packaging and retail displays for almost 20 years. With a constant focus on new technologies, Bluejet specialises in personalised large format digital printing with automation at the heart of its production. To further advance its automated printing capabilities, the company invested in an Onset X3 HS with full automation from Fujifilm which was installed in June 2021.

From advertising and marketing to the textile and funeral industries, Bluejet offers a vast portfolio of products to its multi-market customers based throughout Europe. The company, through a variety of printing, coating and thermoforming methods produces stands, displays, hangers, wobblers, posters and other various atypical products onto a wide range of materials – including cardboard, plastic, metal and wood.

We have a team of highly qualified specialists, many of whom have been working with us since the beginning of the company's existence and make every effort to provide products and services of the highest quality,

says Piotr Kaczorowski, CEO of Bluejet. 

We also rely on the best, most highly advanced printing equipment on the market. This is why we’ve invested in Fujifilm equipment for many years.

The company also owns an Onset S20, an Acuity LED 3200R and an Uvistar II 5032 from Fujifilm. Piotr continues:

Back in 2010, we invested in an Onset S20 and it was a great addition to our production. Once we expanded our facilities, this allowed us to develop a wider product portfolio and invest in other equipment to help us become more productive and achieve faster delivery times. Speed of service and quality are important to our customers. We also provide a much cheaper product offering than some other printers in the EU – so all of these factors are vital to us maintaining a sustainable customer base.

Bluejet’s recent investment in the Onset X3 HS from Fujifilm came after an analysis of other automated printing equipment.

Today our product offering is wider than ever, but we knew we needed the machinery to help us keep up with demand. We had identified a few machines which could help us address these requirements, but once we had a conversation with Fujifilm, we knew the Onset X3 HS – which has some outstanding features – would meet our requirements cost effectively.
We’ve already managed to achieve some uniquely impressive print work on the machine; including very specific typography and even braille which we provide for some of our customers. This is a very important product for the blind and visually impaired and it forms part of our ethos to be a company that specialises in solutions that are otherwise rare in the print market. The precision of the Onset X3 HS allows us to produce this specialised print work and it’s remarkable to see it in action.

The automated aspects of the Onset X3 HS, which has robotic arms for the loading and unloading of substrates, have impressed Piotr.

The robotisation and automation of our printing equipment is very important, as it will allow us to increase production, reduce labour costs, and maintain repeatability of production. We’re proud to be the first Polish digital printing house to have these dual robots installed.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Piotr envisages print undergoing a continuous change in the coming years.

What the print industry is seeing is an increase in demand for shorter run lengths and more personalised work. The pandemic has led to sharp falls in overall production outlays – mainly from offset – and these jobs are being transferred to large production digital machines like the Onset X3 HS. 
Thanks to this new technology from Fujifilm, we will be able to win many new customers. The last 18 months have shown us that automating processes can help us to work in a more stable way and ensure our deliveries to customers remain consistent. Next year, we aim to install more printing equipment and robots.

Overall, Piotr is delighted with the new investment from Fujifilm.

When we look to invest in new equipment, it is not only the reliability and the price that is important, but we must have trust in the supplier. Were it not for the Onset S20 machine that we bought from Fujifilm 11 years ago, we would not be the largest digital flatbed printing house in Poland today. I am delighted with the relationship that we have with Fujifilm and I think it will continue to flourish in the coming years.

Tomasz Wroblewski, General Director at Fujifilm Graphic Systems Poland says:

We’ve enjoyed an excellent relationship with Bluejet over the years and we’re delighted to see the Onset X3 HS Dual Robot help them to achieve some remarkable and unique print work. They are a forward-thinking company and we’re very much looking forward to continuing to work with them, as well as discovering what new applications they will look to create with the machine.

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