Acuity F


Dedicated flatbed built for production efficiency.

High quality, efficient flatbed production

The Acuity F is built to deliver outstanding image quality with high productivity. It is ideal for businesses looking to grow their flatbed capability, take on higher volumes or turn jobs around quicker, and has the potential for excellent return on investment. Print on many types of rigid and flexible materials to produce a wide variety of applications (standard model), and on porous or even warped media with the powerful High Flow Vacuum system (HFV model).

A secure investment in proven technology

The Acuity F combines years of market-leading image quality with leading edge engineering and ink technology to deliver a state-of-the-art platform capable of a wide range of print applications.

Dedicated vacuum flatbed

A dedicated flatbed table and powerful vacuum system hold sheet materials flat and secure with perfect registration and edge-to-edge printing. The High Flow Vacuum model (HFV) has a 2.5 x 3.2m flatbed table with 240,000 vacuum holes to securely hold down porous or warped rigid media for wider application flexibility.

Fast turnarounds, higher volumes

The Acuity F is engineered for high speed printing direct to rigid sheets without compromising on print quality. It offers a production potential of 30,000m² per year. It can also run in a continuous production mode, with the carriage printing at one end of the table while the operator changes sheets at the other (standard model).

Built for production efficiency

The Acuity F can print almost 200 boards (1.25 x 2.5 m) in an 8 hour shift. To enable the operator to work productively with the machine, its design and features are optimised for efficient handling, workflow and maintenance.

Reliable production

The Acuity F is engineered for high speed printing direct to rigid sheets without compromising on print quality, and is built for the rigours of continuous print production. Through an excellent global service infrastructure, Fujifilm provides world-class support before, during and after installation.