Our values

In today’s world where values and needs change so rapidly, we demand more of ourselves to give our customers more than they would ever expect. There is strength in individuals, but there is even great power in collaboration and teamwork. We aim to create an engaging and inclusive workplace where everyone is treated in a fair, open and respectful way.

Responsibility is being accountable, being committed and accepting ownership for your decisions, actions and behaviours. Everything we do is based on one core motivation, contributing to the advancement of society and we achieve this by continuously innovating.

Your workplace

We look to mirror the diversity of society in our workforce, knowing that inclusive and intercultural perspectives boosts innovation and creativity. We have a culture of thoughtfulness and respect, fostering healthy and supportive employee interactions and engagement. We are a company committed to social and ecological best behaviours.

Rewards and benefits

Our success grows from supporting, motivating and retaining our talented team members. Which is why we provide an inclusive and flexible working environment, aligned with competitive pay and benefits packages.

Recognising Results.
Rewarding Performance.

At the forefront of healthcare

At FUJIFILM Healthcare Europe, everything we do is based on one core motivation - contributing to the advancement of society. Our biggest asset in that mission is our culture of continuous innovation. Our core technologies, refined over decades in the imaging field, are constantly being reevaluated for use in a variety of applications.

Employing collaborative innovation, we are able to bring together the right constellation of people to anticipate needs and develop solutions.