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Diagnostic Ultrasound Systems

ARIETTA 750 Series

What is your ideal ultrasound experience? 
Perhaps you want a system with high image quality, yet with added flexibility in the spec that you choose. Maybe you need premium measurement capabilities that make patient diagnosis more accurate and efficient. And almost certainly, you are looking for all this at an affordable price.

X-ray Diagnostic Systems

Tiara Airy

Sirius Starmobile Tiara Airy is the ultimate mobile X-ray system following the Sirius brand. With a stylish and sophisticated design, Tiara Airy is poised to provide a comfortable scanning environment for the operator and patients.

Radnext series

Radnext series is the general radiography system combined with a high performance 50kW inverter-type, high voltage generator that gives patients the best care and operators peace of mind in daily examinations.

MRI & CT Systems

MRI Systems

OASIS™ - 1.2T

OASIS™ is a new generation of MR systems, providing a high degree of diagnostic confidence and extraordinary patient comfort. With this unique scanner, Fujifilm’s combines best high-field performance and outstanding technologies with its world’s most powerful 1.2T open architecture vertical-field. OASIS™ with enhanced features brings our patient-centric philosophy to new levels in high-field MR imaging.

CT  Systems

Bone Densitometry Systems