Samba Printhead Development Kit

Samba® Development Kit

The Samba Printhead Development Kit provides a solution for evaluating and developing the Samba printhead in a multi printhead configuration, facilitating system development and speeding time to market.

Samba Printhead Development Kit

The Samba Printhead Development Kit includes aligned printbar(s), PC, power supply, Samba Drive electronics, cabling, and software. An ink delivery system is available as an option. The Samba Drive electronics is a fully scaleable, all inclusive package that consists of the Samba Quad driver boards with heat sink and mounting harware, Samba Single Pass Fiber Data Pumps capable of supporting up to 8 Samba printheads, and a Data Pump Adapter to simplify Encoder/Trigger connections. The Development Kit is designed to expand the OEM printer manufacturer’s capability to assess the Samba technology, as well as its functionality to be integrated into complete printing systems.


  • Maximum waveform amplitude – 36 V
  • VersaDrop™ Support
  • One to Four color printing
  • Up to Four 2048 jet Samba printheads in each bar Electronic print speed – up to 200 kHz (single pulse)
  • User Friendly Software for single pass printing Easy to learn and use
  • RoHS compliant