ND-LCD Filter


A new series of highly accurate and extremely reliable ND filters to detect defective pixels in LCDs.

New filters most suitable for LCD inspection

Traditionally, for inspection of defective pixels in LCDs, ND filters for camera lenses had been used. However, those filters had to be layered according to the transmittance required and many users requested filters designed exclusively for LCD inspection. To meet such requests, we now offer 8 types of the ND-LCD series filters, each having different transmittance values, enabling precise detection of defective pixels and distorted images which can be achieved only by the filters developed for LCD inspection. The ND filters for LCD inspection with high reliability and durability have now become available by application of Fujifilm’s high precision technologies gained through experience in the development of a variety of camera lens filters.

  • 8 different light transmittance values

  • Mount suitable for LCD inspection

  • Trransmittance is indicated for proper useansmittance is indicated for proper use

Product types


1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, 5%, 6%, 8%,10%


7.5cm x 7.5cm

Excellent durability

  • For the ND-LCD series filters, triacetylcellulose (TAC), which can be used as a LCD material because of its optical characteristic, is used for the substrate. TAC produced by Fujifilm’s excellent proprietary technologies is thin and light, and in addition, it has an outstandingly strong surface.

  • The high-purity organic dye realizes exceptional resist-ance to light and heat.

Moisture resistance

For the packing case, synthetic paper with a high moisture resistance is used for the long-term preservation and  main-tenance of the flatness of filters.

Protective cardboard/mount

The attached protective cardboard can be used as a mount suitable for the LCD inspection.