Fujifilm introduces industrial inkjet component “Samba JPC”

-Offering core parts of the premium-quality inkjet digital press “Jet Press 750S”
-Launching inkjet solution business that caters to diverse user needs

News Release

October 28, 2019

Tokyo, October 28, 2019 — FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) is pleased to announce on November 1 the launch of “Samba JPC*1”, an inkjet printer component that encompasses core parts and software required for developing industrial single-pass inkjet printing devices for commercial and package printing applications. The Samba JPC consists of nine units including image processing software, printhead cleaner and a printbar*2 that incorporates the SAMBA high-definition 1200dpi printhead based on MEMS*3 made by FUJIFILM Dimatix, a leading company in industrial inkjet printheads. These are used in Fujifilm's “Jet Press 750S” inkjet digital press, which delivers premium printing quality that designed to outperforms traditional offset printing. Fujifilm will offer the new component to printing device manufacturers and inkjet integrators in Japan, the United States and Europe, in an effort to assist in solving the challenges in developing inkjet printing devices.

Inkjet printing technology is continually evolving, enabling multi-type, short-run variable printing in fast turnaround. In recent years, the technology has been adopted increasingly in commercial printing of books and posters as well as printing on folding cartons, corrugated cardboards and labels. Inkjet print quality and productivity must further improve as the market enters increasingly demanding applications such as flexible packaging including food packaging.

The use of the Samba JPC allows users to achieve fast development of inkjet printing devices with premium image quality and reliability, taking maximum advantage of the high-definition SAMBA printhead. The printbar is available in two printing widths, 10 inches (approximately 25cm) and 30 inches (approximately 76cm), and customized printing widths can be provided, too. According to user requests, Fujifilm will offer the Samba JPC in combination with Fujifilm inks or its nine units separately even single unit. The Samba JPC is ideal for printing device manufacturers who wish to develop high-definition single-pass inkjet printers quickly, printing device manufacturers currently developing inkjet printers that use SAMBA printheads, or integrators who wish to boost the reliability of inkjet printers they integrate into brand owner production processes.

Fujifilm will continue to develop and supply innovative products for the industrial inkjet printer market, whose areas of application are expanding further, thereby contributing to the advancement of various industries.

  • *1 “JPC” in “Samba JPC” stands for “Jet Press Component.”
  • *2 A unit that features printheads placed side by side and also integrates a drive mechanism for printing
  • *3 MEMS stands for “Micro Electro Mechanical Systems.” It is a general term that describes micro-sized devices that are based on the technology for processing semiconductor devices to form minute 3D structures, drive mechanism and electrical circuits.
[Photo]<Industrial inkjet component “Samba JPC”>

1. Product name

Industrial inkjet component “Samba JPC”

Units comprising the Samba JPC

  Unit name
Printbar system Printbar (Printing width: 10 inches / 30 inches)
Automatic printhead adjuster
Ink circulation unit
Capping unit
Printbar lifter
Anti-collision sensor
Image optimizing system Image optimizing software
Inline scanner (Scanning width: 15 inches / 30 inches)
Head cleaner Head cleaner


2. Release date

November 1, 2019

3. Price


4. Main features of the Samba JPC

(1) Printbar system with advanced printing precision
The printbar features multiple printheads, precisely positioned, to achieve premium-quality printing across its entire printing width. The ink circulation unit regulates the amount of ink circulated according to printing conditions so that ink is constantly fed to the printheads at the optimum state, thereby delivering advanced printing performance even at high-speed printing.

(2) Image optimizing system that corrects banding and uneven output to reduce the frequency of printhead replacement
Long-term use could deflect ink-jetting direction or cause non jetting nozzles, but the image optimizing software can automatically control the surrounding nozzles to prevent banding or unevenness in finished printouts. This effectively reduces waste sheets from uneven printout or other causes generated in the process of producing printed materials, while also reducing the frequency of printhead replacement.

(3) Head cleaner capable of thoroughly cleaning even fast-drying inks
The head cleaner uses the “wet-web” system, in which fabric that has Fujifilm's special processing applied is wetted with cleaning solution to wipe clean printheads. This offers an advanced level of cleaning capability, removing even fast-drying inks, which are normally difficult to clean, without damaging printheads.

(4) Customization according to applications
The printbar is available in two printing widths, 10 inches (approximately 25cm) and 30 inches (approximately 76cm), and customized printing widths can be provided according to users' applications. Users can have single unit separately.


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